Don’t make these mistakes if you have a security camera at home

Do you have security cameras in your home? They are very useful devices to protect a house, but it is important that you do it correctly. Therefore, in this article we tell you some mistakes that you should avoid if you have surveillance cameras. The objective is to avoid computer attacks, that they do not work when you need them or that the quality is bad and you do not take advantage of them. You will see that you can take into account some tips and buy a good camera for your needs or for your commercial security services.

Errors when using security cameras at home

maybe you have home security cameras or intend to buy one to protect the home. It is important that you take into account the advice that we are going to give you to avoid making mistakes. This will help you to take advantage of the camera correctly, make it work well and not have problems.

Have outdated camera

One of the first mistakes is having an outdated camera. That may allow for vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and control. For example, they could see everything it records, decide when it stops working, configure it to act in one way or another, etc.

It is important to always have firmware to the latest version. It is something that you should always keep in mind for any device, not just surveillance cameras. This way you will get them to work as well as possible.

put them in the wrong place

An also common mistake is to place them in bad place or bad position. The first thing is to put them in a place where they are not really going to help you at all. For example, an area of ​​the house that you do not need to monitor and you have another more important area, such as the entrance area or a patio, uncovered.

In addition, placing it in the wrong place is also putting it in such a way that it has blind spots. Ideally, it can cover the surface correctly, without giving rise to problems in case someone tries to enter the home.

Not taking image quality into account

What we are looking for with a camera is that it can record and see what is happening. Therefore, the image quality it will be key If we use a camera that has poor quality, we are not really going to take advantage of it correctly. We will not be able to see what is happening at night, for example.

It is important that you choose a camera that has good image quality. If possible it has night vision, a wide viewing angle and HD quality. Avoid those that record in poor quality.

Know if a security camera has been hacked

Using a non-guarantee model

You should also avoid models that are not warranties. Surely you will find very cheap options, with the promise that they will work well to protect your home. The problem is that there many models that in practice do not work as we expect. We cannot trust when we really need it.

To avoid problems, something you can do is inform yourself on the Internet. You can look for comments and ratings from other users and see to what extent it really is what you expected.

Focus where you shouldn’t

This failure is placement. It basically means that you put the security camera in a location that it shouldn’t. For example, pointing directly at the street or a public area where neighbors pass by. That is illegal and in any case you would have to report it. You could have problems.

Our advice is that you think carefully about where you are going to place them, so as not to have legal problems of any kind. Regardless of whether they work well or not, this point is essential.

In short, as you can see, having security cameras is essential, but you must use them correctly. Avoid making mistakes and always get them to work well. You can opt for surveillance cameras with Cloud recording, in order to have greater control.

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