Hasbro: here is the first collaboration between Transformers and Jurassic Park

With a surprise announcement, here are two new Hasbro products, born from the collaboration between the franchise Transformers is that of Jurassic Park.

Tyrannocon Rex is Autobot JP93 are the two new Transformers inspired by the Steven Spielberg movie and will be sold in a single box inspired by the classic scene of the T Rex’s escape from his enclosure.

The Transformers arrive in the world of Jurassic Park with two new robots

After the success of the mashups with Back to the Future or Ghostbusters, Hasbro tries it out by entering the franchise of Jurassic Park, creating two robots inspired by the icons of the film.

This way they can reach the shelves Tirannosaurus Rex and the Ford Explorer, respectively called Tyrannocon Rex is Autobot JP93. Second Hasbro: “both figures have unique details, inspired by the 1993 film“.

The figure of the Tyrannocon Rex will be about 18cm high, with a special effect for the dinosaur skin. The transformation into a robot will take place in 27 steps, making it look like the Megatron present in the first Beast Wars series, renamed Biocombat in Italy.

The figure of Autobot JP93 it will instead be 14 cm high, with the ability to switch from Ford Explorer to robot mode in 18 steps. Unlike Tyrannocon Rex, he will come with a blaster to use against the opponent.

The two models will be sold together, in a package inspired by the scene from the first film where the T Rex and the car meet, in front of the destroyed park fence.

The pack will be available from November 1, 2021, at a price of around € 100. After this announcement, it seems that Hasbro is moving from franchise to franchise and who knows what the next saga will be affected by the arrival of the Transformers. We just have to wait for new surprise news!

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