€ 280 off Lenovo IdeaPad 5 laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 processor

Looking for a laptop for your studies or to take with you on your vacation? Do not take another step because the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is currently on sale at Fnac.

You don’t want to invest in a state-of-the-art laptop with, for example, an 11th generation Intel Core I7, or a high-end NVIDIA? In this case, the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is your future laptop. Equipped with an AMD processor and a 14-inch panel, this IdeaPad 5 will allow you to surf the Internet, watch your favorite video content, and write text for your homework without any problem. In short, the ideal laptop computer, especially since it is currently on sale at Fnac at a price of € 499.99 instead of € 779.99, or a hell of a reduction of € 280! This will allow you as a student to use this money saved to equip yourself with a new smartphone as Christmas approaches.

Take advantage of the offer at Fnac

A small price comes with a lot of responsibility

When you find yourself in front of such a promotion, you might think that the laptop is not worth the money. That it must have obsolete components, and poor ergonomics, and yet …

It would be wrong to judge this 14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 5 with its Ryzen 5 processor from AMD and its 8 GB of RAM. These two components integrated into the chassis along with a 256 GB SSD will allow you to do great things. The ultraportable computer from Lenovo will be ideal for classic use such as word processing, tasks to be performed with Excel, surfing the Internet and making small edits in Photoshop.

For more globetrotters, or for people who move around a lot because of work, you can count on good autonomy, especially thanks to its 56.5 Wh battery which itself provides nearly 12 hours of autonomy. The latter will allow you to work without worrying about the battery when you are on the train or on the plane.

The TN panel with a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels is very pleasant to use. In addition to that, this screen definition requires less battery resources, which will indirectly allow it to grab a few hours of use without having to sacrifice the use of a streaming service or specific software.

This is the responsibility of the Lenovo IdeaPad 5, to support you in your daily tasks without straining your wallet – and your time at the same time. All at a reduced price given that the 14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is currently on sale at the price of 499.99 € at Fnac, a nice immediate reduction of 280 €!

Take advantage of the offer at Fnac

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