Ekon updates its ERP proposal with Winter 2022

Ekon Winter 2022 is the new version of the company’s business management solution that incorporates innovations designed to help companies digitize.

Ekon continues to make progress in updating its cloud solutions for the SME market with a new version of its business management solution, Ekon Winter 2022. On this occasion, the company has incorporated important innovations in order to boost the productivity of companies and their digitization.

One of the main novelties that can be found in this version is the incorporation of a new customer portal to facilitate the connection of companies with their customers when sharing information. To streamline these tasks, from this portal customers will be able to create and track orders and invoices, as well as consult statistics and information on news and personalized news.

With all this, this portal becomes a meeting point between the company and its clients to streamline their relationship.

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Along with this portal, another of the novelties of Ekon Winter 2022 is Ekon Scan. It is a scanning module that, based on intelligent invoice and ticket recognition technology, helps speed up the accounting of commercial documents.

To do this, this module scans and reviews documents quickly to later integrate them into Ekon’s document management flow, achieving 100% effectiveness rates. The agility of this automated accounting process frees up resources for customers that they can devote to other tasks to improve their competitiveness.

Another novelty of Ekon Winter 2022 is the incorporation of a module of Automatic Bank Reconciliation that allows an integrated management of bank communications by automating the complete reconciliation process, from downloading bank statements to generating entries.

This module allows the automation of all or part of this procedure, which brings benefits by allowing greater effectiveness, efficiency and saving of resources assigned to these tasks. And, as the firm points out, this automation allows it to be executed while other tasks are being executed or unattended.

New features in Ekon Winter 2022

Along with these developments, Ekon has also incorporated improvements in its ERP seeking to increase business productivity, especially in some sectors.

Among them, for the health sector, Ekon Winter 2022 incorporates a new agenda for increase productivity of each professional allowing, among other functionalities, to coordinate multiple agendas, simplify their learning, as well as improve patient care and encourage the growth of the facilities.

For its part, in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining and learning, Ekon has optimized the interface to achieve a simpler, more intuitive and mobility-adapted navigation, allowing access to content from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . Likewise, it also has a self-monitoring of progress and the receipt of a personalized catalog of courses and itineraries based on the progress made.

This new system seeks to improve the training of consultants of the Ekon ecosystem, as well as facilitating the entry of new consultants through campus certifications, which can be accessed through the training pools, which are public, free and online.

In addition, the firm has also optimized the procedures carried out by clients in the Basque Country with Ekon TicketBAI, a solution that allows you to carry out procedures for compliance with the TicketBAI regulations. Its operation is simple since it is a new module that generates a QR code, as well as the TBAI identification, for printing the invoice or receipt.

And, in this line, and only for Vizcaya customers, the module includes Batuz, with the issuance of the LROE and the update of the 140 and 240 models.

But Ekon has also incorporated improvements in the part of Business Intelligence (BI). Along these lines, the company has developed new functionalities to Ekon Vision, as Vision Production OEE, with the implementation of the OEE (Overall Effectiveness Equipment) production quality standard. This allows organizations to quantify productivity and measure the efficiency of production processes.

Consequently, these improvements in business intelligence seek to maximize the performance of the teams, indicating the real efficiency of any production process through availability, performance and quality indicators to identify points of improvement in the production processes.

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