Epson will stop selling laser printers in 2026

The manufacturer of electronics and printers Epson has confirmed that will stop selling and distributing laser printers in 2026. The company has indicated that it has made this decision for reasons related to the environment. That is why he is going to focus on inkjet printers, which for them have “more potential” to achieve “significant advances” in environmental aspects.

In fact, Epson no longer sells or distributes laser printers in many markets and countries, although it continues to do so in Asia and Europe. Of course, even if it stops its distribution, the company has assured that it will continue to provide support and technical assistance to the owners and users of its laser printers. For this, it will offer them consumables and spare parts.

Inkjet printers produce 85% less carbon dioxide emissions than lasers. In addition, according to data held by the company, an inkjet printer consumes approximately 85% less energy than a similar laser model.

These types of printers also have 59% fewer components that can be replaced. Only the ink and the box where his remains are deposited. Meanwhile, lasers have more items that need to be replaced from time to time: toner, drum, fixer, and fuses.

At the same time as announcing the end of the sale of laser printers, Epson has announced several new models of inkjet and multifunction printers capable of printing between 40 and 60 pages per minute, a speed with which Epson seeks to remedy one of the main weaknesses of this type of printers.

According to Koichi Kubota, Head of Marketing and Sales at Epson«as a company we are fully committed to sustainable action and innovation, and inkjet printers simply use less energy and consumable parts. While laser printers work by heating and fusing toner onto a sheet of paper, Epson’s heatless inkjet technology printers use less electricity by using mechanical energy to jet the ink onto the sheet.«.

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