Ethernet network disconnects in Windows: how to avoid this problem

Ethernet network problem in Windows

Despite the rise of Wi-Fi networks, the truth is that there are many users who in their day to day connect through the Ethernet network. By using the cable we can achieve higher speed, better stability and fewer problems that can be present when we connect without cables.

But of course, these failures can also appear if we connect to the network by cable. Sometimes the Ethernet network is constantly disconnected in Windows. A frustrating problem that can prevent us from working normally, from having access to the cloud and the content that we share between devices.

Sometimes these problems are not all or nothing. I mean, not always Ethernet network card stops working and does not come back again. Sometimes the problem can be intermittent. It can happen that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It may happen that we are working and suddenly the Internet signal is cut off.

To avoid this, to solve the problems with the Ethernet network in Windows, we can take into account some tips that we are going to show. The goal is to make everything work properly. It is necessary to navigate normally, to avoid problems that affect the network.

Tips for Troubleshooting Ethernet Network Problems

We are going to see some essential steps that we can take into account to solve problems when the Ethernet network keeps disconnecting in Windows 10. Usually errors of this type can be easily fixed.

Update the Ethernet card drivers

On many occasions this type of problem comes from a lack of firmware update of the Ethernet card. It is very important to always have the latest versions, since only in this way will we achieve optimal performance and also avoid security problems that can be exploited by possible intruders.

Updating the Ethernet card drivers in Windows is very easy. We have to go to Start, enter the Device Manager, click on Network adapters and select the corresponding card. There we will click with the second mouse button and we will click on Update driver.

Update network card drivers

We must do this process periodically, since it is convenient to have the latest versions at all times. This way we will avoid certain failures that may occur and we will ensure that the Internet speed is also adequate.

Check that Windows is correctly updated

It may also happen that the problem is with the operating system itself, which is not well updated. Sometimes the upgrade hangs up, is pending completion, and this could affect network adapters. There could be a conflict with the Ethernet card.

Therefore, what we must do is check that Windows is updated correctly. To do this, just go to Start, enter Settings and go to Update and security. There we will see if we have any pending updates and, also, it will check if there is any new version that we can add. It is equally important to always keep everything up to date.

Reset the network

Another option we have available is to reset the network. What Windows is going to do is disable and re-enable all network adapters, something that could solve many problems that prevent us from connecting to the Internet correctly.

In this case we are going to go to Start again, we enter Settings, we go to network and Internet and there we click on Network reset, which is the option below. It is a quick and easy process.

Reset the network

Use the Windows troubleshooter

We also have available the Windows tool that allows troubleshoot network problems. A way to learn more about why the Ethernet card may have problems and to be able to solve it easily.

We have to go to Start, we go to Settings, Network and Internet and there select the Network troubleshooter option. You have to click Next and continue the process. It is another of the most useful techniques in Windows to be able to fix bugs that appear in Internet connectivity.

See if there is no malware

Of course you also have to take into account the possibility that there malicious software in our team. There are many types of malware that in one way or another can compromise its proper functioning. This could also affect the network card, of course.

If we notice cuts in the Internet connection, device failures and errors when trying to access the network, we can think about the possibility that we have some type of virus or malware. We can always carry out an in-depth analysis with our antivirus. We have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal in terms of security tools. Safety is a very important factor and we must take care of it at all times.

Restart the router

But we must bear in mind that perhaps the problem is not with our computer or the network card. It is possible that the error lies in the router itself, which is causing problems when connecting devices by cable.

Something fundamental is going to be restart the device. But it is not enough to just turn it off and on again. In the case of the router, we must keep it off for at least 30 seconds. Later or we turn on again. This can fix many such faults.

Restarting the router should go hand in hand with restarting the computer as well. In this way we can expand the possibility of solving the error.

In short, by following these recommendations that we have mentioned, we can solve errors with the Ethernet card. We will ensure that it works correctly and has no failures when connecting.

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