everything you need to create the cheapest home arcade machine

You can relive all of this in a very simple way, making your own arcade machine with a cost and materials within the reach of anyone.

Build your own arcade machine

The first thing we have to do is find or make the boxIn this case, if you make it on your own it will be much more beautiful and personal, but if you are not very good at crafts and you prefer to buy it, you can do it. Then sticking some stickers can be very cool too.

You have this option on Amazon, although there are thousands of websites and designs according to your tastes. Both standing and just the main box.

Once we have our structure, we will have to fill it in. For this, the main thing is a screenHere, depending on the inches of the furniture you have chosen or manufactured, you will have different options. From buying her own monitor for her to using an old or recycled one from a laptop.

We already have the main thing, a base with a screen, we only need the hardware. Beginning with the controls we can buy the ones we like the most. This will be the only product that yes or yes you should buy, since we will not be able to recycle from another, unless you already have a retro.

We leave you here an interesting option from Amazon to acquire your retro gamepad.

All assembled! And now? How do we install the necessary hardware and software to play those retro?

Here we have multiple options. From using a mini PC hidden in the furniture, to creating a raspberry or the simplest method and the one we recommend. A retro HDMI console with your games already installed. You have options like this one from Aliexpress, for less than 20 euros and with 10,000 retro games already installed. It comes with remotes, however we won’t need them, we already have our own.

Now yes, everything would be there. Some stickers, a bit of assembly so that the cables are not visible and that’s it. You would have your fully functional retro machine. The cost depends on you, if you assemble the furniture and use a recycled screen (you can buy a second-hand laptop or a tube TV (CRT) from many years ago… there are thousands of options that also give it a retro touch) you will have had to purchase only the gamepad and the HDMI console, all for less than 100 euros.

We leave you a summary of the necessary material:

  1. Furniture to assemble your machine -> Amazon
  2. Monitor or screen adapted to the size -> Amazon
  3. GamePad Retro -> Amazon
  4. HDMI console with games -> Aliexpress

There are thousands of options for both furniture and screens, controls and consoles on Amazon and Aliexpress. If one does not interest you or you prefer something better you can take a look at it. Simply, we have added an economic and viable option in quality and price within the possibilities that existed.

So nothing, if you decide to create your own retro machine we will be delighted to see it assembled. Send us a photo or leave us a comment. We are sure that your friends will want to try it.

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