Fill your house with light and color with these Hue bulbs at the best price

The home automation Every day it is more accessible. When we started in this world, we thought that being able to control some devices with the voice or with the mobile phone is not something that is so necessary. However, once you get used to it, the usual thing is to want to transform our domestic unit into an entire smart home. The basic point from which to start this transition is lighting. Fortunately, several Philips Hue products are on sale at truly irresistible prices.

Take advantage of these Philips Hue offers. Up to 25% discount!

range of Philips Hue smart bulbs It is known for being the one that has the singing voice in the market. They are not usually especially cheap devices, but they are the ones we usually take as reference when making comparisons. Philips was able to understand very well how lighting should work in home automation environments. Your bulbs have a outstanding quality and its configuration allows you to customize even the smallest detail. The Hue ecosystem is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistantand Philips service is one of the most comprehensive regarding integration with third-party equipment and systems.

Some of the bulb models of this brand are currently on sale on Amazon with discounts up to 25%. These types of sales usually appear from time to time, and if you are interested in getting these. bulbs, today is the ideal day to buy the first units or complement the system you already have installed at home, as you can save a good sum of money on the purchase.

Philips Hue A60 E27 Warm White

This bulb is designed to fit into small lamps or to place in decorative places. It has a warm light, and can be regulated in intensity. You can buy it right now for €17.49.

Philips Hue A60 E27 White / Color

philips hue color with bridge

This bulb with up to 75 watts and a luminous flux of up to 1100 lumens is one of Philips’ best-selling models. It is a bulb with an E27 socket with which we are going to have total freedom to configure the color and light intensity that most interests us at all times. Each unit is currently for 48.74 euros, a 25% discount compared to the previous price.

Philips Hue Bridge

The Philips Hue bridge is not entirely necessary in current models, as they already have Bluetooth support. However, this device is essential if you are looking to create a more complex ecosystem with various light bulbs, smart switches and motion detectors. You can control up to 50 devices with this bridge with ZigBee technology. today you have it for €44.96which also means a discount of 25%.

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