Finally! Windows 11 ends one of its biggest problems

And it is that since its launch this operating system that we are talking about has generated as much praise as criticism. One of the least liked elements here has been the Taskbar and its limited functionality. However, in these lines we want to focus on another point that has not finished convincing almost anyone. We refer to the problems that many find when it comes to change the default browser. Keep in mind that Microsoft tries to encourage us to use its own program in this sector, Edge.

But that is one thing, and another is complicate something as simple as modifying the browser by default to use in Windows 11. Therefore, Redmond has been talking about this movement for a long time. Moreover, this is the main reason that many have accused the company of deliberately complicating the change process. All this in an attempt to convince users to stay with Edge. The truth is that it is impossible to know if this is true or not. But we also cannot deny that this type of controversy is not something that helps Microsoft and therefore Windows 11, in the long term.

In fact, the opposite is achieved, users end up more disappointed and give up the migration to Windows 11 as a method of protest.

Microsoft reverses the use of the browser in Windows 11

We tell you all this because it seems that the software giant has received the message in the form of complaints from your users. We say this because the company has finally resolved this major Windows 11 deficiency in the latest cumulative update sent. It would be coming right now to compatible equipment.

Thus, as it has been discovered, all that is needed to change the default browser in Windows 11 now it’s done with a single mouse click. The setting already takes care of all the file extensions that we normally handle from a web browser, except for PDFs.

It is obvious that this is a welcome change for most, although the firm still has a lot of work ahead of it in this regard. And it is that Windows 11 users should be able to change the default applications easily. We refer to files of the importance of the videos or the Audio. It is more than likely that the software giant is already aware of all this, so it should take too long to implement.

But going back to the improvement implemented regarding the change of browser, it is important to note that this cumulative update is optional. It means that all those who want to improve this functionality that we have told you about, will have to accept its installation.

update windows 11

With everything and with it, the change will arrive to the whole world next month in the monthly cycle of Patch Tuesday. If you want to try it right away, just go to Windows Update and manually download this optional update.

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