Eager to move to Windows 11? Windows 10 (and Office) licenses to upgrade Keysbuff for life

Are you one of those who always have Windows not activated with a watermark on the right side of the desktop? Well, to put an end to that problem that carries only limitations, there are license pages for Windows at really low prices, and for life. At Keysbuff they are discounted and you can purchase any license for Windows 10 for life from € 10.5.

Therefore, if you want to acquire a license at a very good price taking advantage of the discounts that are in Keysbuff with the arrival of Halloween and Black Friday, you can obtain a Windows 10 or Office license with really good discounts, from € 10.5 for the Home version and € 11.5 the Pro version, or € 17 to install Windows 11 directly:

Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 and 2021 Packs

Windows 10 + Office Packs

28% discount code with the code SFZ thanks to Softzone

In addition, in any other product on the Keysbuff page you can get a 28% discount on what you add to the cart thanks to Softzone. Before finalizing the payment, you must enter the code SFZ in the box enabled for this and you will get the discount before making the payment.

Upgrade from Windows 10 to 11

Not only for Windows 10. For a matter of a month, the updated version has been officially released, Windows 11. It is not necessary to buy an official license of the latest version to be able to acquire it, because you can take the leap and update it manually from Windows 10 , and yes, from the € 10.5 that the license in Keysbuff is worth, you can do it.

Lifetime licenses

In addition, the licenses are for life. Lifetime means that it will never be revoked nor is it a license that they will take away from you. As these are OEM licenses, you can have them attached to your device until you stop using it. What will not work is from one computer to another, since the license is assigned to the computer and not to the Microsoft account. But what I said, you will have it for life on that device in which you are going to install it.

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