State-of-the-art memories with a 70 euro discount, and they run out today!

If we want our computer to work well and fast, it is necessary to have a good RAM. This component is where the temporary information of all processes is stored so that the processor can access it much faster than if it were, for example, from the hard disk. If we use the computer to play games, to process video, or run very heavy programs, in addition to needing at least 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM, it is necessary that it have very high frequencies and very low latencies. And all this, and more, they have CORSAIR memories on sale.

Only today, at Amazon we can find some of the fastest RAM memories on the market with a significant discount of 18%. These memories are CORSAIR Dominator PlatinumDDR5 RAM specially optimized for AMD, compatible with AMD EXPO profiles and that will allow us to achieve speeds of 6000 MHz with very low latencies C36.

These memories have DHX cooling patented by the manufacturer, as well as a CAPELLIX RGB lighting system, made up of 12 LEDs that we can configure as we want thanks to the CORSAIR iCUE software.

These RAM memories are totally high-end, and that shows not only in the benefits, but also in the price. Its normal cost is 411.10 euros (in the 2×16 GB mode). But, taking advantage of this offer, we can save no more or less than 74.20 euros, leaving the memories at 336.90 euros (also, the 2 × 16 GB mode).

Other RAM memories on offer

If we don’t like these RAM memories, or we don’t have an AMD computer with DDR5, we can also find other memories on sale to improve the performance of our computer. For example, in the case of an Intel CPU with DDR5 memory, we have these corsair vengeance memories, some memories optimized for the blue manufacturer, compatible with Intel XMP 3.0 profiles, and that work with a frequency of 6000 MHz and C40 latencies. These memories, in their pack of 2 x 16 GB, we can get them for 248.80 euros.

In case we do not have a computer like DDR5, and we need DDR4 type memories, then we can also find other very interesting offers. For example, these Kingston FURY Renegade, a kit of 32 GB of RAM (2×16) that works at a frequency of 3600 MHz and with CL16 latencies. These memories are compatible with AMD and Intel, and we can get them with an 11% discount, that is, for 132.80 euros.

And if what we have is a laptop, the most basic RAM memory to improve its performance is also on sale: this 8 GB module of Crucial, DDR4 with frequencies at 3200 MHz and CL22 latency is for 27 euros. And the 16 GB module also has a 25% discount, staying at only 54 euros.

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