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Not all the lights you have at home are the same. You also don’t need to have the same lightning always. It is not the same when you are reading, for example, as when you are going to cook or watch television. Details such as the size of the room, if it is completely at night or if there is still some light, etc. will influence.

zoned lighting

But what is this zoned lighting? It basically consists of having light only in areas where we really need let there be At least more light. Think, for example, of a large office where 10 people are working in the same space. It is very big and we are going to need many bulbs to illuminate everything, so that these workers can carry out their tasks correctly.

What we achieve with zoned lighting is that the lights are going to focus solely on each work station. For example, they are going to illuminate the computer area and table, where they may need to read documents or write. The rest of the office is going to be lit, but not that much. This will reduce consumption.

Instead of having many bulbs on at the same time, we are going to manage to have fewer but more concentrated in the places where we really want to have light. A system of rails or bars is usually used where we place the bulbs where we really want. We can even move them, since we may not always be working in exactly the same place.

We can say that it is a way of apply light more efficiently. We would be wasting resources if we turn on 20 light bulbs for a room where there are only two people working at a table, for example. Better to center two bulbs on that table and distribute some more in the room to illuminate in a general way, without so much intensity. It is estimated that the savings can reach 50%.

Motion sensors in lights

Choose the type of bulb, key

Not only do we have to focus on zoned lighting or the areas where we are going to install light bulbs; it is equally essential to use light bulbs that are efficient. There, those of LED type They are the ones who win a lot. An old light bulb will consume much more than even several LEDs on at the same time.

Therefore, if you want to save energy at home, keep in mind that you can achieve it through light bulbs and lights. You can reduce consumption simply by changing the older bulbs for the LED type, which will be much more efficient and will also illuminate the same or better.

Ultimately, as you see the light zoning It is a term that refers to how we locate the bulbs in the most optimal way to save resources. It will serve to spend less energy, at the same time that we concentrate the lighting in a specific area, where for example we go to work.

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