Five reasons not to miss the Dell Technologies Forum 2021

Are you prepared for what is to come? This is the question with which this year they encourage us to register for the Dell Technologies Forum 2021, a completely free online event in which the company will show us the solutions that will allow us to work, learn and innovate from anywhere , leaning on the great revolution presented by data and AI.

Dell Technologies Forum opens the window of technological opportunities to partners and clients in environments such as multicloud, Edge, 5G or IT as a service and in MCPRO we have selected five great reasons why you should not miss what is one of the most technological appointments important of the year.

The future of data is here

Michael Dell and Ricardo Labarga (Managing Director and CEO
Dell Technologies Spain) inaugurate the Dell Technologies Forum 2021 telling how new ways of working based on technological advances and driven with the exceptional help of data, are making us evolve.

Widespread connectivity is generating real-time, automated and intelligent results at the edge, streamlined by 5G technology, while IT-as-a-service models are emerging as a method through which organizations of all sizes they can modernize their IT infrastructure with simplicity, agility and control.

The danger of data in an economy-as-a-service model

A new study by Forrester and Dell Technologies highlights the fact that many companies are unable to cope with the data, both from the human perspective and from the technological one.

In this presentation, Brian Hopkins, one of Forrester’s principal analysts, explains what implications the use of this data has for the expansion of an economy-as-a-service model and why it can be interesting for companies to migrate quickly to an “as” infrastructure. a service ».

In a similar vein, the presentation that follows, “Get your data center up and running”, by Don Root (Networking Product Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies) makes us think about a key question: “Can our current data center network keep pace with the increasing demands of data, virtualization and traffic needs? in the cloud? »

Future work is smart

The way we live and work has changed forever. A change is taking place in which it no longer matters from where the work is done, but rather, how it is done

The office has become a variable concept, allowing you to work from anywhere, at any time and with different global teams. Smart offices and collaboration tools will allow people to work anywhere through connected devices without any hassle. As we move toward more virtualized workflows, we need solutions to make remote engagement more natural.

On the other hand, successful execution of a geographically dispersed employee strategy requires rethinking where and how team members work. In the session block “The work of the future is smart”, Dell experts reflect on where this hybrid business is headed and what solutions it has.

The data of the future is groundbreaking

The advancement of analysis techniques thanks to artificial intelligence can generate income and improve company processes. Attendees at the Dell Technologies Forum will be able to see in real time, how AI will influence the entire ecosystem of companies around it; or how in the future, your data and AI practices will be the foundation for a competitive advantage.

At the same time, they will show the solutions that the company can offer to create new value through innovation with data, either by modernizing applications, making intelligent use of the cloud and, of course, having the best equipment for this.

Exclusive for Partners

As Nacho Martin, Dell Technologies Channel Director for Spain and Portugal, explains, in the last year the firm’s clients recognized that technology partners are playing a key role in their ability to respond to the transformations produced in all industries.

As part of the Dell Technologies Forum, a session will be held that will address which customer segments there will be some of the biggest changes, and how Dell and its partners can offer the right solutions to address them in your market, in order to obtain the best opportunities to accelerate digital transformation processes.

Do not miss it!

If you want to understand how to improve your digital transformation processes, accelerate making use of your data and design a strategy for the future of your hybrid company, you cannot miss the Dell Technologies Forum 2021. Take aim!

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