Five tips to not die so quickly in PUBG

The battle royale are one of the most successful genres per square meter and although before there were some mod and attempts at titles like H1Z1the one that really changed everything was this PUBG, also know as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundwho was the one who laid the foundations for what came later with Fortnite, Apex Legends either Warzone from Activision.

Tips to not die so fast

As we have told you, it is to this title that we owe the fact that we currently have so many games of the genre. Of course, being the original It has several elements that differentiate it from its plagiarists, which causes it to continue to maintain a certain pedigree that elevates it above the rest.

So If you are going to dare to take the leap of playing with pubg and you are not very clear about what you should do, let us give you five tips. They are not the type to tell you how to win (your ability has a lot to say there), but they will help you die a little later than the others. Aim:

Any sinkhole is a good hiding place

The land in pubg It is very different from what we can find in Fortnitefor example, since we can find different reliefs that, in case of an ambush of the enemies will be of great help to us. Although the houses are also fine, if someone sees you enter you are in great danger.

Sometimes it’s better to take damage little by little

If what you want is not to be hunted by bloodthirsty players, you may a good place to shelter is the blue border of the mapwhich to give you an idea is similar to the storm in Fortnite. If you situáis in this border you will lose life little by little. It is a good hiding place, since surely no one will come looking for you there. Also, you will take a long time to die. It is a perfect plan… seamless.

Tall grass, a double-edged sword

Another place with which you have to be especially careful in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground It’s the tall grass. Although your enemies won’t be able to see you, neither can you, so it will be very easy for them to ambush you like a herd of velociraptors in Jurassic Park. That’s why from here we strongly recommend that you run away from the tall grass and take refuge in other places.

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Retreat on time is a victory

Sometimes some of us get the superhero streak and get into other people’s fights. We recommend you not to do that under any circumstances., since it will only serve you to lose ammunition, life points and a large amount of resources. Leave saving the underdog to Superman or Spider-Man.

every bullet counts

Resources such as medicine and pistol ammunition are especially scarce in pubg. We advise you that, If it’s not a matter of life or death, think twice before shooting. Same with heals. It is better to leave the medicines for when it is strictly necessary. You never know if it might come in handy later in the game.

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