For Tim Cook, Apple and technology can “change the world”

Apple’s CEO spoke this week in an open letter, reaffirming Apple’s commitment to a better world.

It is on the occasion of the release of the first issue of Login, the newspaper’s new computer magazine Corriere della Serrawhich Tim Cook sent a open letter on his vision for the future for Apple. An obviously optimistic vision, since the CEO of the American giant reaffirmed the importance and influence of technologies in our daily lives: “It is important to remember that technology is not inherently good or bad. Its impact will depend on the values ​​and intentions that we place at the heart of our innovations”.

“Shaping the Future”

For Tim Cook, Apple, like the rest of the technological giants on the market, has“a profound influence” on the future of the world, to the point of impacting our near future. “The decisions we make today about how to rebuild and where to focus our resources will leave their mark for many decades to come”warns the leader, who now calls for collective innovation. Convinced that “everyone has the potential to innovate when they have access to the right tools”Apple has thus confirmed a collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II to create the Apple Developer Academy.

Privacy and environment

Unsurprisingly, Tim Cook’s open letter also evokes many recurring points of Apple policy, starting with the notions of privacy and climate change. On this subject in particular, Apple unveiled an action plan in 2020 to become carbon neutral by 2030. However, it did not comment on the many complaints currently targeting it about its App Store. For several months now, the company has been in the sights of the Dutch regulatory authorities, who accuse it of abuse of a dominant position.

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