Galaxy S23: Samsung could finally raise the prices of all models

Bad news for Samsung fans, the tech giant is finally planning to raise prices, according to a recent report straight out of South Korea.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

A few days ago, we reported that our colleagues from CNET were convinced that Samsung did not intend to review its prices for its next high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S23, S23 + and S23 Ultra. However, this prediction has just been contradicted by a new Korean report.

This leak would not come from anyone, since it would be SK Telecom, one of the biggest local telephone operators, who would have spilled the beans. Samsung would have finally planned to make you spend a little more money to offer you its flagships in 2023, probably because of inflation.

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Samsung would like to increase the prices of the Galaxy S23

According to information leaked from SK Telecom, the regular Galaxy S23 will cost ₩1,199,000, the Galaxy S23+ ₩1,397,000, while the ultra-premium Galaxy S23 Ultra ₩1,599,400. This translates to around €899, €1048 and €1199 respectively.

By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch prices in South Korea were 999,900 won for the S22 and 1,199,000 won for the S22+. The Galaxy S22 Ultra was launched at a price of 1,452,000 won for the model with 256 GB of storage.

The prices announced for the Galaxy S23 are therefore between 10% and almost 20% higher than those of their predecessors, which is a very significant increase from one generation to the next. Samsung would therefore make the same choice as Apple, which has also greatly increased its prices on its recent iPhone 14.

In France, we could therefore be entitled to prices revised upwards. It is possible that the Galaxy S23 will arrive around 959 euros, the Galaxy S23+ around 1159€ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra around 1359€. Of course, these are just guesses, sinceit is complicated to apply a tariff increase from one country to another. To find out more, it may be necessary to wait until the date of the official conference, on February 1st.

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