Gaming online: Wired or wireless connection?

I, like many of you who read us daily, am a true lover of online gaming, although I have to admit that, due to lack of time, I can no longer enjoy this modality at the level I would like. Many years ago I could afford to spend many hours a day adventuring with my guildmates in the first Guild Wars. As its leader, I had to lead by example and always be available to help newcomers. Today, thinking about those moments brings me a lot of nostalgia, but it also makes me shiver when I think about the number of hours I spent.

Time passes, and people evolve, although my passion for video games, and for online gaming, is still intact. Today I play online titles like Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and Diablo II Resurrected, among others, although I am forced to spread out the little free time I have left. Precisely for this reason, because time is a very valuable resource for me, I took more and more care in choosing the settings that it gave me fewer problems when playing onlineand tried numerous options until I got to the point I wanted.

These efforts allowed me to test different configurations, and in the end I ended up solving with my own experience one of the questions that, even today, remain one of the most important when we want to enjoy a good online gaming experience: what is better, pull cable or is it feasible to play over a Wi-Fi connection? I already anticipate that the classic myth that you can’t play well over Wi-Fi makes no sense at allalthough it is true that the cable is the simplest, fastest and least conflictive option.

Online gaming: You can play without problems with or without cable

In general, we can conclude that cable is the best option to enjoy a good experience in our online gaming sessions. This has an explanation, and it is not the one that many people believe. Cable is not superior to Wi-Fi because it offers higher speeds, but because it is not subject to the interference, range, and dropout issues that a wireless connection can have.

Yes, by this I mean that cable tends to offer a more secure and more stable connection, with lower latency, but this does not mean that we can not play with a Wi-Fi connectionprovided that it meets a series of conditions:

  • This connection must be compatible with the Wi-Fi 5 standardnot so much because of its higher speed, but because it works in the 5 GHz band and is less affected by interference.
  • We should not be too far from the router, or from the source of our Wi-Fi connection, otherwise the latency will increase and also the risk of interruptions and packet loss.
  • It is important that there are not many devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network consuming bandwidth, as this could lead to high latency. Ideally, it would be just us playing, although we can also use the traffic prioritization functions that many routers integrate.

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