Get the cheapest PS5 Digital now and a discount on the new “FIFA” only until 24:00!

Are you still thinking about whether to buy a PS5 now that its price has officially dropped but you’re still undecided? Well, don’t think about it anymore, because right now you could take the PS5 Digital Edition cheaper than ever thanks to the promotion Midnight Drops of Miravia. Do you want to see how and what this consists of? Well, keep reading, we’ll tell you.

The Miravia Midnight Drops promotion consists of a series of very aggressive offers (with discounts that can reach 70% in some cases) but that last very short, only until midnight (i.e. they are barely available for two hours). In addition, they are promotions with a very limited number of units, so in addition to not lasting long, you will have to be quick if you really want to buy any of the products.

By the way, if you have never bought at Miravia and want to do it now, when you register they will give you a welcome coupon through which you can save up to €15 through their App for smartphones or up to €10 if you buy through the web, for What this PS5 Digital could cost you even cheaper.

The PS5 Digital can cost you 414 Euros

One of the best offers that you will be able to find in this promotion is the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which comes without a disc reader but is cheaper than the normal version of the console. Their technical specifications are, for the most part, identical, so you won’t have any problems when playing your favorite games from this generation of consoles.

PS5 digital package

It is the “loose” console that comes with a DualSense controller, and in its standard white version, so it comes in this case without games. Remember that it is the digital edition, so if you decide to buy it, keep in mind that the games you buy must also be in digital edition, that is, purchased through the Sony Store on the console itself or in digital codes.

At this time and thanks to the offers, you can buy this PS5 Digital Edition for 429 Eurosbut if it is the first time you use this store and you make the purchase and register through the App you will save an additional €15, so it would cost you just 414 Euros.

Bonus: save when you buy FC24 for PS5 in pre-sale

If you already have the PS5 and are a fan of football simulators, then you are surely aware that the new FC24 will be launched on September 29, which will replace the traditional FIFA. If you haven’t booked it yet, you can take advantage of these Midnight Drops to save yourself a pretty penny when doing so, as it’s on sale until 12pm tonight for €57.92 (again, if you were new to the store and use the welcome coupon you can save €15 when purchasing from the App and €10 when purchasing from the website, so it could be barely €42.92).


Remember that in this case you are buying the game on disc, that is, it would not be suitable for the PS5 Digital that we have listed in the previous section, this is for the normal PS5.

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