Get to know these essential devices for your smart kitchen

Home automation devices for the kitchen

at the time of cook We can use a wide variety of home automation devices. All of these will make your job easier and can be very helpful. This is a list of some of the most useful that we can find today.


One of the most interesting home automation devices for a kitchen is to have a smart fridge. They are appliances that have a screen and connect to the Wi-Fi network. In this way we can remotely control the temperature, for example to lower or raise degrees depending on our needs.

In addition, some more advanced models can even inform us when a certain product is running out or we can see what is inside without opening the door. The latter is also interesting to save on the electricity bill, since every time we open the door it will lose temperature and has to cool down again.

smart ovens

Another type of smart appliance that you can have in your automated kitchen is a oven. You will be able to control it remotely from your mobile, without having to be at home. For example, think that you are on the bus on the way home and you are going to cook and you want it to be ready when it arrives. Simply by activating it from the phone you can already preheat.

Some models also have functions that help you cook. They are specially designed for baking and will make it easier. It will also notify you on your mobile when the food is ready, so you can stop worrying and do other tasks while you take advantage of the time.


You can also use smart dishwashers. If already having to wash the dishes by hand is something of the past thanks to technology, home automation goes one step further. Having a smart dishwasher is very useful to control the tablets you have spent at all times, since it will notify you when they are running low and you will not have to worry.

These devices also allow you to control everything from your mobile. For example, start the wash or even when the program is being modified and finish earlier, in case you need to use a plate or cutlery.

contactless faucet adapter

When we cook, it is common to have to constantly wash our hands. Not only to handle food, but also when cooking and constantly staining ourselves. For example, think of peeling fruit or making a salad and washing the pieces. We have to turn on the faucet on multiple occasions and sometimes we have our hands full and it is somewhat complicated.

A faucet adapter is a very useful home automation device for the kitchen. It is installed on any faucet and what it does is use a sensor to open or close depending on whether we bring our hand closer. It is basically what you can see in the sinks of some restaurants or airports, but applying it in your own kitchen and without having to change the entire tap.

smart plug

In this case its functions can be multiple. Basically we can say that it serves to turn any appliance on or off that you have in the kitchen. For example, a coffee maker and start heating the coffee even if you are not physically present. Also other appliances that you simply have to turn on and off.

These small devices are becoming cheaper and you will find a wide range of options. If you want to automatize your kitchen, it is undoubtedly a first step that you can take to acquire products.

Temperature, smoke or water sensors

In home automation we can use multiple sensors that can offer information of all kinds. For example, being able to control the temperature, detect a gas leak, smoke or even flooding. If we think of a kitchen, they are undoubtedly very useful to avoid problems that may arise in such a sensitive place.

For example, you can detect a water leak or a fire that can arise if you leave something warm. Sensors of this type are going to come in handy and are a very interesting utility for a home automation kitchen.

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