Giga Computing Technology, Gigabyte’s server subsidiary, is born

Gigabyte has already officially split into two companies. After the first news broke a few months ago that the company was going to split up and create a subsidiary from its server division, the company has confirmed the birth of Giga Computing Technologywhich will handle all of Gigabyte’s enterprise and data center products.

From now on, therefore, Gigabyte will focus mainly on its motherboards and graphics cards, which are also the two hardware components for which it is best known worldwide. Also in the manufacture of monitors, computer peripherals and other components for these systems, both portable and desktop. That is, Gigabyte will focus on components and equipment for the consumer market.

By creating an affiliate with your enterprise products and servers, you can provide your professional clients with a higher level of care. This has been confirmed by what will be from now on the CEO of Giga Computing Technology, Daniel Houwho has explained that «this is just another extension of our long-term plan, which will enable our enterprise solutions to better react to market forces, and better tailor products to diverse markets«.

Hou has also stressed that even if they have a different name, they will continue to work as always, and their clients «they will continue to have the same relationships and high expectations of a new, well-established server business division offering a diverse product portfolio«.

The products that this new entity from Gigabyte will offer from now on include servers configured for high-performance computing, storage, liquid cooling technology and Artificial Intelligence. The company will receive 83,360,000 shares of Giga Computing common stock, worth $10 per share, as determined by the subsidiary’s estimated value.

Of course, from the company they have made it clear that this step is only a reorganization of the group, and that it will not have an impact on the daily and financial operations of the parent company. For now, in addition, the systems and products sold by Giga Computing will continue to use the Gigabyte brandfor their level of knowledge and respect in the technology sector.

Gigabyte’s 2021 annual financial report noted that its enterprise and server division accounted for 25% of its revenue, which for that year was $4 billion. These figures put it behind other Polish-based manufacturers, so with the creation of Giga Computing the company may be looking to boost its core business.

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