Global PC sales exploded in 2021, Apple grows 28%

For the third consecutive year, computer sales increased in 2021 according to Canalys. 341 million PCs have been sold worldwide, an increase of 15% in one year. Not that many computers have been sold since 2012. Apple and Acer are the two brands that have grown the most in 2021. Lenovo is still number 1 and is gaining ground against HP.

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This is one of the “positive” consequences of the global epidemic that we have been going through for two years: the electronics and IT markets are growing strongly. Households want to equip themselves to work, communicate and play from their homes. They buy tablets, televisions, game consoles and of course computers. Especially laptops.

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In 2020, the Canalys research institute observed an 11% increase in the global PC market compared to 2019, which was a year of recovery for the IT industry. This second consecutive year of increase was good news after 7 years where the market kept shrinking. IDC confirmed this fine growth in January 2021. But it was less good than in 2021. Indeed, according to Canalys, the number of computers sold last year was very high.

The PC market grew 15% in 2021 and Apple by 28%

The research institute this week published its observatory of the global PC market for 2021. And it reveals that sales increased by 15% compared to 2020, to reach the 341 million units sold. Thanks to these excellent results, the PC market has practically returned to its 2012 level. And that’s not all: Canalys predicts that the trend will continue in 2022, especially in the premium segments, households wishing to equip themselves with more upscale and more enduring products. These performances are not a very big surprise: the IDC institute predicted this explosion as early as May of last year.

canalys marche pc 2021

The Top 5 PC sellers have not changed between 2020 and 2021. We find as always Lenovo in the lead, followed by HP and Dell, so than Apple and Acer. These five brands saw their sales volumes increase, but not all at the same level. HP and Lenovo are below market growth, while Apple, Acer and Dell are above, gaining market share. The big winner of 2021 is Apple. The Cupertino company sold 28.3% more Macs. It now represents 8.5% of the market computers. It is thus widening the gap with Acer and getting closer to Dell.

canalys marche pc 2021

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