Google Maps gets a new, more modern design

The Google Maps application on Android Auto benefits from some discreet but welcome changes to its design. Navigation becomes clearer and more modern.

Android Auto Google MapsAndroid Auto Google Maps
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The year 2023 is the year of change for Android Auto. The interface which connects your smartphone to your car has in fact been the subject of several modifications and improvements over the months. Essentially graphic, they refine the overall design of the display to modernize it and make navigation more pleasant. This is for example the case with Google Assistant, slightly modified to be more in line with the current look of Android. Google Maps is also one of the applications affected by a change.

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Still with this aim of harmonizing the interfaces between devices running Android, the application lightens the information they display and airs it out slightly. For the moment, this is a server-side update. This means that you will not necessarily see it immediately on your side, but its deployment will begin shortly. We can already see that the new design choices go well with the recent update of the sidebar.

Google Maps has a new, clearer design in Android Auto

As can be seen in the screenshot below, the estimated travel time is displayed at the top of the dedicated box, in bold. Just below, the remaining distance and expected arrival time. The buttons on the bottom row have also changed. From left to right, we now find stopping navigation, consulting alternative routes, the function Search on the waypoints of interest and the menu bringing together the other shortcuts.

Google Maps Android AutoGoogle Maps Android Auto
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The buttons themselves have been slightly modified, and we note that there is no longer a line to separate them from the upper part of the box, as was the case before. On the other hand, no sign of the use of the new colors seen at the end of summer on the smartphone version of Google Maps. The new design is accessible on the Android Auto version 10.8 and the 11.104.0100 from Google Maps.

Source : 9to5Google

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