Google One VPN will be available free to all subscribers

The internet giant has announced the availability of the Google One VPN for all subscribers. In this way, the virtual private network service will be freely available from the cheapest plan of $1.99 per month.

Google released a VPN a couple of years ago for subscribers to its cloud storage service. But until now it was only available for premium plans, from 2 Tbytes or higher. Now it will be available to all subscribers, from the most basic 100 GB capacity, and for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Google OneVPN

The Google One VPN is focused for use on public Wi-Fi, although they can be used on any other type of connection, safely and privately extending a local network over a public network such as the Internet. In practice, these point-to-point virtual connections hide the user’s IP address and redirect Internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

This degree of “invisibility” offers advantages such as greater security against computer attacks and greater privacy against data theft and identity theft. It also allows circumventing Internet censorship and other advantages such as an employee connecting from home with an office PC or a user being able to access geoblocked multimedia content, existing offers in other countries or connect to P2P networks that are not accessible in your region of origin.

Google has added another feature to its VPN, although in this case it will only be available to users in the United States. It’s about the report Ā«dark web reportĀ». This feature will scan the dark web for personal customer information such as their name, address, email, phone number, and social security number, notifying you of what it finds there.

Also say that the Google VPN is freely available on the Pixel 7, so if you have (or are going to buy) the most advanced smartphones of the company, you will have access to the virtual private network without having to have a Google subscription One.

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