Google Pixel Notepad, everything we know about Google’s first flexible smartphone

The first flexible smartphone from the Mountain View giant will be called Google Pixel Notepad, a name that, frankly, makes much more sense than the one that had been previously rumored, since the Google Pixel Fold inevitably reminded us of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series, which has been on the market for a while and will compete directly with the new Google.

We have been talking about this smartphone for months, although now things are beginning to be a little clearer. The Google Pixel Notepad will use a flexible panel with a vertical fold which will certainly follow the bases of the Galaxy Z Fold, but will use a different screen format, with more space horizontally. To this we must also add an external screen that will allow us to use the Google Pixel Notepad without having to open it.

The integration of that dual-screen setup is no accident. With it, it is possible to greatly improve the user experience, since the external screen makes the device works like a traditional smartphone, while opening the flexible screen we have a tablet-like experience of small size.

At the design level, the Google Pixel Notepad will maintain a classic and discreet line, with slightly rounded corners, and will have more things in common with the Oppo Find N than with the Galaxy Fold, precisely because of what we told you about the format of its flexible screen. Regarding its specifications, everything seems to indicate that it will be a high-end model, although it will remain a little below the Google Pixel 6 Regarding the photographic section.

Google Pixel Notepad

The Google Pixel Notepad will mount a Google Tensor SoC

Said SoC would be the same that we have seen in the Google Pixel 6 series, which means that it will be manufactured in a 5nm process and that it will have a octa core cpu divided into three blocks, one with two high-performance cores based on the Cortex-X1 architecture, another with two cores based on the Cortex-A76 architecture and a last block with four high-efficiency Cortex-A55 cores. Your GPU will be a Mali-G78 MP20.

The rest of its specifications still raise doubts, in fact we are not sure about the exact size of its screens, but according to 9to5Google the Google Pixel Notepad will have a more limited photographic section than the Google Pixel 6, and apparently this is due to a matter of internal space, and not to a matter of cost reduction.

In theory, the Google Pixel Notepad will do without the 50 MP sensor that the Google Pixel 6 uses, and will use a 12.2 MP Sony IMX363 sensor instead, the same one that Google has assembled in the Pixel 5a (and in previous models). This will be accompanied by a 12 MP IMX386 sensor that will work as a wide angle.

The front camera setup it will be double, but they will not work together, as one of those cameras will be mounted on the outer screen and one on the inner screen. Each will use an 8 MP IMX355 sensor. Regarding RAM and storage capacity, I think the Google Pixel Notepad will most likely come equipped, in its base configuration, with 8GB and 128GB, respectively. Its price will be $1,400, a figure that in exchange, and after applying taxes, could become 1,500 euros.

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