Google will improve the Pixel 7a to make it a mid-range reference

The future Pixel 7a smartphone, under Google’s own brand, will present a series of features that have not been part of this mid-range series in the past, it will improve the screen and camera sections, in addition to using a new Qualcomm modem and brand new support for wireless charging.

Google did its homework with the Pixel 7, its new flagship to compete in the high-end market. As with the Pixel 6, it is developing a reduced-performance variant that will arrive early next year. The first information that reach us speak of a much improved terminal in several sections.

The Pixel 7a will be more premium

One of the novelties will come from the screen, the main component of any smartphone that will mount a new panel with 1080p resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate which will address one of the biggest complaints about the current Pixel 6a.

The cameras will be another improved section, thanks to a new configuration where will highlight Sony optics, an IMX787 main camera and an IMX712 ultra wide angle. They aren’t likely to reach the level of those installed in the Pixel 7, but the increased sensor size should be a big improvement over the 6a.

The inclusion of a Qualcomm modem You will have to solve the signal and connection problems that have affected some users of Google’s own mobiles, especially the Pixel 6 series.

Another of the outstanding premieres will be the wireless charging compatibility of 5 watts. Slow by today’s standards, but welcome as this will be the first time it’s been supported in this mid-range series.

All of the above will be reinforced with the use of the improved version of the Tensor SoC, the custom SoC created internally by the Internet giant for its mobile devices and which has the same objective as the Apple A or Samsung Exynos, to reduce dependence of external technologies and integrate hardware and software improvement.

With Android 13 pre-installed, the Pixel 7a will be marketed in early 2023 and if the rumors are confirmed, it will be a worthy contender for the highly competitive mid-range of smartphones.

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