Another remastering for the collection: Alan Wake returns

A secret with voices

The arrival of an Alan Wake remastering was something that had been talked about for a long time. With the launch of Control, Remedy left some Easter Eggs along the way with which to honor one of his great works, and it was not until 2019 when Remedy was able to regain the rights of Alan Wake, until then in owned by Microsoft.

Those of Redmond did not have much interest in giving life to a second installment that could solve some of the unknowns left by the original game, so it was left there in oblivion after garnering excellent reviews with its launch on Xbox 360 and later for PC. . But Remedy did not forget their great game, and after completing the exclusivity period, they bought the rights from Microsoft.

A remastering is less than nothing

The arrival of the remastering might not sit too well with fans, as they may be waiting for a new release with the power to understand many of the unknowns that were left in the first game. But at least it will serve to refresh the memory and re-enjoy it for what it is, a great game. Of course, the remastering will include the DLCs that were released in its day, The Signal and The Writer, so you can play more than you might expect at first.

Are we going to have a sequel?

Considering that this remastering will be available on PS5 and PS4 for the first time, it is possible that Remedy wants to settle the game experience and offer the story to all those who could not do it in their day, in order to prepare the ground for a second one. part that many have been waiting for 11 years. Will that finally be Remedy’s play?

With the success of Control, the company is in a position to play a new card with which to surprise, and that would be a very appropriate one in time. We’ll see if with the arrival of the remastering they have something else to tell, although everything indicates that the idea will be to unite Control and Alan Wake in an upcoming game, since both games take place in the same universe, so the result could be more interesting than we might expect.

When will the Alan Wake remaster be playable?

The remastering of Alan Wake will arrive next fall on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5, although at the moment they have not specified the specific date on which the game will be available in stores.

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