Google will show cloud games in the results

Cloud gaming has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Services like GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna are the main players, but we are already beginning to hear about other, smaller companies that are rolling out similar services, although in some cases with differentiating factors, in a sign of that there is some confidence in further growth in the future.

A key element for this expected growth has to do, without a doubt, with visibility. Although these services are already reasonably well known, there are still many users who only have a rough idea of ​​how they work, they don’t know how to check their catalogs, where they have to buy the games (on the platforms where it is necessary), etc. In short, there is still a lot of visibility missing which, in turn, will result not only in greater, but in better knowledge of these services.

Each of the companies responsible for these services is also primarily responsible for doing everything in their power to advance said visibility, and they all have the means to do so. However, one of them beats the rest, by a landslide, in terms of their options in this regard. Yes, of course, I mean Google, which only with its search engine it already has a practically global social reachwhich could be of great help in this regard.

And the more than good news is not only that the search engine company is aware of it, it is also that they have already got down to work and, as you can see in the video above, they are already testing show cloud gaming platforms in game search results. And yes, as expected, this new section shows results related to Google Stadia (it would be incomprehensible if it didn’t), but also GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud and Amazon Luna, that is, the four main services.

Such results will not only show which platform(s) the games are available on, they will also indicate with what level of subscription to the same, in the case of a flat rate for games, and will allow direct access, with just one click, to the platform and the chosen title. This is not only practical for those who are already users of these services, it is also very useful for those who are thinking of trying one of them or even for people interested in a certain title to discover that they can also play it in the cloud.

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