Google’s first physical store in Spain is already a reality

This morning we had the opportunity to meet, in its official presentation, Google’s first physical store in Spain. In a rather small space, but very well used, the search engine company has opted for a concept that is not common in this sector, but once seen it seems to me to be a great success, and it is that it is perhaps not the most obvious option (and , therefore, the one adopted by other brands), but it is the most intelligent and practical for user-buyers.

But let’s start at the beginning, the first physical Google store in Spain is located in the MediaMarkt megastore in El Carralero, a commercial area in the Madrid town of Majadahonda. It is a well-known space in the region for the Equinoccio Park Shopping and Leisure Center, the Centro Oeste shopping center, as well as a wide variety of commerce and leisure. Its location, next to the M-50 ring road, provides excellent accessibility, and the environment allows you to take advantage of the visit to satisfy other needs. In short, the location is quite successful.

As regards the physical store of Google, we find it on the first floor of the MediaMarkt spacea large part of whose sides are distributed in spaces of the main technological manufacturers, a format that some have chosen for the traditional sample format of their devices, while others have preferred the format of setupwith part of their devices in a sample of their usual use.

Google's first physical store in Spain is already a reality

What I found most interesting about the Google space is that instead of playing one or two specific scenes, reproduces on a small scale a large part of the rooms of a housewhich provides a global vision of both a large part of the company’s devices (as well as some guests from other manufacturers, but which are part of the connected home ecosystem), as well as the way in which they are integrated into a home, with specific examples of their use, probably one of the weakest points in common product presentations at points of sale.

Thus, Google’s physical store is not a shopping space in the strict sense, although there we will find all the references and prices of the devices, which we can purchase in the store itself. Instead, it is more of an approximation, especially practical for all those users who are not very up to date with Google devices and their functions, of how these are integrated and, therefore, of the contributions they can make in our day to day.

A common problem with this connected home thing is that, outside of tech-savvy and tech-savvy users, the general perception is that it’s pretty complicated. And it is true that the first home automation components and kits that began to be marketed at the beginning of this century had a certain complexity. However, this has evolved substantially, and the fact that Google’s first physical store in Spain is dedicated precisely to proving this pointIt seems to me an absolute success.

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