Grupo QDC and CEAJE, united to promote the digitization of young entrepreneurs

Grupo QDQ and CEAJE (Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations) have signed a collaboration agreement to help young entrepreneurs in their digitization processes through advice and offers in the former’s portfolio.

Entering the digital world in the early stages of business life is not always an easy task, so advice and support is very useful for these businesses.

With an eye on promoting the digitization of young entrepreneurs, QDQ Group Y CEAJE come together to improve the advice and support of these professionals when making the leap to the digital world.

The collaboration of both firms will last one year, during which the young entrepreneurs linked to CEAJE will benefit from exclusive discounts when contracting solutions from the QDQ Group portfolio.

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As highlighted by the CEO of Grupo QDQ, Pedro Fernández, the signing of this agreement “It allows us to bring all the strength of the muscle of our company to accompany young entrepreneurs who need as much help as we can offer them”. In this sense, the person in charge highlights their role to respond to their needs and clarifies that, “Wherever these job drivers have a need that requires a solution, we will be there to help and advise them to make their Internet presence a success”.

Benefits for SMEs

According to both companies, this offer includes a 20% discount on the entire portfolio, as well as a comprehensive advisory service made available by a dedicated personal manager. Likewise, they will also have access to the contents of QDQ Academy where you will find webinars and guides for training in digitizing your businesses.

Along with this, have information about aids available To advance in its digitization is another of the great strengths of this agreement reached between both companies. Consequently, another of the great benefits to which these young professionals will have access establishes that Grupo QDQ will inform and advise specifically on the progress so that they can have access to European funds for digitization.

For Fermín Albaladejo, president of CEAJE, with this proposal they hope to help young entrepreneurs to take the step towards that necessary digitization so fundamental for the updating and modernization of companies. “Thanks to the union between the QDQ Group and CEAJE, we offer our associates a new tool with which to go one step further in their communication and positioning to achieve better results”, explains the person in charge.

In addition to these advantages for young entrepreneurs who are part of CEAJE, for the QDQ Group, this alliance also reinforces its presence among this segment of professionals by providing them with advantages and value-added services to help them digitize their businesses.

In fact, this agreement with CEAJE is part of an alliance development strategy to strengthen its commitment to the youngest by offering them specialized and personalized advice.

With this, both firms rely on helping these young entrepreneurs with valuable information, quality advice and discounts on services that will allow them to advance on their way to a digital world. A leap that they hope will help keep these businesses up-to-date and ready to be competitive.

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