Hanspree HG270PCH: We review this budget gaming monitor

One of the fundamental pieces of a good gamer is the display screen. And we are in luck, since the offer of monitors with different configurations, features and prices is really wide. At MuyComputer we have been able to test one of the four monitors that Hannspree announced at the end of 2021, whose main characteristics were dedicated gaming functions, high response times and super-fast image refresh rates.

Specifically, the leading product of the analysis is the Hanspree HG270PCH. This screen was the smallest of the four that they presented (27 inches), however, it was the only one that included a refresh rate up to 240Hz along with a response rate of 1 millisecond.

Specifications Hanspree HG270PCH

panel type Curved TN – 1,800R
Size / inches 66.6 – 27 inches
native resolution FHD – 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Brightness 250cd/m²
refresh rate 240Hz
Response time 1ms GTC
contrast ratio Dynamic: 10,000,000:1
Static: 3,000:1
connectivity 1 HDMI 2.0 input
1 Display Port 1.2 Input
1 headphone output
1 USB 2.0 port
Dimensions Width: 612.02mm
Height: 462.71mm
Depth: 188.3mm
Dimensions 161.4 x 76.3 x 9.0mm
Price From 230 euros

The first thing that strikes you about this monitor is its curved screen. It has a radius of curvature of 1,800R, with which immersion is guaranteed, since it allows you to enjoy a wider field of vision and with less distortion at the edges of the screen. All the dots on the screen look really good.

The panel has a diagonal of 27 inches with Full HD resolution, typical of gaming monitors, in order to offer the highest possible refresh rate. From our point of view, it is a minimum size for a curved screen, since if it were smaller, the impressions would be very different. As it is not a very large screen, it is appreciated that on the table it does not give that feeling of being too bulky, so for medium or small desktops it is a success.

Hanspree HG270PCH – We review this budget 30 gaming monitor

But the main strength of this monitor is its 240Hz refresh rate. With this refresh rate, you can enjoy a gameplay non-stop, very fluid and lag-free. Plus, the 1ms MPRT response time helps, so fast-paced gaming or moving pictures stay sharp all the time.

Another very remarkable detail is the frame of the screen. The side and top bezels are really thin and the bottom one is the only one that really stands out. The screen design is discreet and elegant like the base, in tripod format and made of metal that connects with a usual screw system.

Hanspree HG270PCH – We review this budget 32 ​​gaming monitor

The screen can only be moved vertically and cannot be raised, lowered or rotated, so finding the perfect ergonomics for this screen is an interesting challenge. The rear cover is made of ABS plastic, commonly used in the automotive industry and highly resistant to impacts.

It has five connection points and they are located at the bottom of the screen. On the back cover there is a drawing that indicates where each one is located and it is appreciated. These are: power cable input, a USB 2.0, a HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.2 and a 3.5 mm jack headphone output. In addition, it has two speakers of 2W each. On the left side of the back we also find a button panel to turn the screen on and off and change settings.

Hanspree HG270PCH: We review this budget gaming monitor 34

Other technical details of the monitor are a 16:9 aspect ratio, TFT technology with LED backlighting, 350cd/m² brightness and 3,000:1 typical and 10,000,000:1 active contrasts. In addition, it has the usual extras of this brand with the presence of technology flicker-freeThe mode Low Blue Light and the modes Picture in Picture.


The Taiwanese company specializing in audiovisual technology offers a monitor gaming very interesting for all those users who do not want to make a large economic investmentbut if they want to have a curved screen, a refresh rate of 240Hz so as not to notice any kind of stoppage or delay when playing and a size suitable for a medium desktop.

Hanspree HG270PCH – We review this budget 36 gaming monitor

Our sensations with this monitor have been very positive, since the behavior in all aspects has been remarkable. The curved Full HD screen allows you to enjoy the entire field of vision without color loss, while the refresh rate and response time is outstanding.

To all this we must add a price within the reach of any consumer. Yes, there are more advanced models for gaming, but they can cost four times more than this Hanspree HG270PCH that you can buy in the retail channel for only 221 euros.

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Final assessment


The Hanspree HG270PCH is a gaming monitor with an excellent refresh rate and response time, attention to detail, and a really affordable price.

build quality8

Installation and configuration8

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