He sought help from a sorcerer to save his marriage and was brutally murdered in a ritual

A man desperate to save his marriage asked for help to a call witch doctor to help you rescue your relationship; however everything went wrong and the overwhelmed husband ended up brutally murdered at the time he was going to start a hidden ritual in Russia.

Anton Shabanov 33-year-old was sad and desperate because his 29-year-old wife Lyubov return to him after having separated less than a year after getting married. So Anton asked for help from a warlock named Nikolay Ivanov 32-year-old who promised him the idea that he would save his marriage.

The ritual to save the marriage begins

The self-appointed sorcerer Nikolay then began with the ritual preparations that would save his client’s marriage. To carry it out, he indicated that I needed several items both the man and his wife since later he was going to use them to bury them.

The witcher told Anton that the ritual would be performed in a place far from where they lived, in a forest. As Anton began to dig the hole where the witcher would bury the items, he suddenly saw how the so-called witcher began to laugh and mock him.

The laughter and mockery grew until the witch came to insult Anton’s wife, according to a court account cited by the Daily Star. The offended husband’s reaction was one of anger and He lunged at the witcher starting a fight.

In the struggle, the witcher Nikolay took an ax that he carried with him and began to strike to your customer repeatedly cutting his neck and impacting his head several times which ultimately led to Anton’s death.

After killing his client, the witcher left the body on the dirt ground and just covered it with branches and leaves they were on the forest floor and then fled the place.

However, police investigations led to the arrest of Nikolay Ivanov who pleaded guilty to the murder. It was sentenced to nine years in a strict prison regime and to pay a fine of more than half a million pesos.

With information from Daily Star.


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