Trust lowers the price of its webcams, and permanently

The Trust firm has confirmed an interesting price reduction of some of its most popular webcams, a movement with which the company facilitates, a little more, access to a fundamental peripheral for teleworking, and also for hybrid work environments, especially those in which the modality to distance.

Among the webcams that Trust has lowered we can find three models that we are going to review below. The Exis Webcam It is the most basic of these three models, it has a classic circular design and uses the familiar clip grip to hold onto the top of the monitor. Its installation is not complicated, and it comes with a built-in monitor. It offers VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels), and is available in black, green, pink and white. Its price is 5.99 euros.

The Spotlight Pro Webcam Trust is one notch above the previous one. This model comes with six white LED lights that make it easy to make video calls even in low ambient lighting situations. The lights are fully adjustable, it has a circular base that simplifies its placement on any flat surface, it has a microphone and maintains the VGA resolution of the previous model. Costs 9.99 euros.

The third model that is on sale is the Trill HD, which has a rectangular line and uses a wider and better tuned grip than the previous ones. Of all the webcams, this is the most expensive, as it costs 19.99 euros, but it is also the one that offers the highest image quality, since it reaches HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels), has automatic white balance and has a lens with fixed focus.

A professional who aspires to achieve a good image quality for video calls should opt directly for the Trino HD, although if we need a higher image quality we can also find other superior models in the Trust’s webcam catalog, like for example the Taxon, which offers 2K resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), has two microphones to capture our voice with greater precision and quality, works as a wide angle, has automatic focus and is quite reasonably priced, since it is lowered to 49.99 euros.

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