“Help me, he’s threatened me”: Kidnapped man asks for help with a message written on paper from a bank

On chili, a man was kidnapped and forced to withdraw a millionaire amount of money from a bank. However, he was released thanks to his quick reaction, because when he arrived at the place he asked for help through a message written on paper.

According to local media such as the Teletrece newscast and the BioBioChile portal, the subject was deprived of his liberty on Monday, November 22, when two individuals approached him at a gas station in the city of High Bridge and they took him to a camp in a nearby area called Mena Basses.

Forced to withdraw millions of pesos

In that area, the man was held for hours with the face covered, gagged and bound hand and foot. According to the statements he gave to the authorities, the kidnappers warned him to collaborate to get your release.

The victim was taken to a Bank branch to perform a transfer of 40 million Chilean pesos, that is, little more than one million Mexican pesos. Upon reaching the bank, the man had to fill out a form, but instead wrote a distress message.

“Help me, you have me threatening (sic)”, it was read on the paper, so it is understood that for the moment of fear and concern he did not manage to write “threatened”.

One of the cashiers notified the police institution of the police from Chile, whose staff arrived at the scene and arrested one of the kidnappers when he tried to escape. On the morning of this Thursday, November 24, South Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the South American country dictated preventive detention against the kidnapper.

“Patricio Martínez achieved the preventive detention of accused of kidnapping Registered in High Bridge with a victim who was transferred to a bank to transfer money where asked for help with bank form“the agency tweeted.

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