Honor, Oppo, Realme or Xiaomi: which offers the fastest charge?

In the coming months, ultra-fast charging should quickly solve the battery life problems of our smartphones. In any case, this is what Chinese manufacturers like Honor, Oppo, Realme or Xiaomi, who are very advanced in this function, promise.

This year, some manufacturers have chosen to skip the MWC, like Sony. This is not the case with the major Chinese manufacturers who came out in force to show off their new smartphones or their latest technological advances. Either it’s about Honor, Oppo, Realme Xiaomi, each of its brands already offers some of the most efficient fast charging solutions on the market today. At Oppo, for example, which unveiled its Find X5 smartphones on the sidelines of the MWC, the fast charge reaches 80 W wired, or only 30 min to go from 0 to 100% and 50 W wireless. At Xiaomi, the Mi 11T offers 120 W charging for 100% recovery in 20 min.

Autonomy is now one of the performances scrutinized by smartphone users. But it is of course impossible to overinflate the capacity of the batteries, otherwise the thickness and weight of the terminals will increase. Ultra-fast charging that allows in a few minutes to leave for long hours of use has become the battleground of Chinese manufacturers. They are experimenting with new technologies that are all more revolutionary than the others in terms of charging. This year at the MWC, the more or far-term promises are multiplying and the Watts are soaring!

Oppo a 150 W charge for tomorrow


On the Oppo stand, charging at 150 W is for tomorrow. Moreover, it should be on board the next smartphone from OnePlus (the two companies belonging to the BBK group share their R&D). It promises a full charge in just 15 minutes, demo in support on the stand. But the manufacturer does not stop there since it also works on 240W load which might only take 9 short minutes to bring a battery back to life.

Xiaomi Mi Air: a comfortable solution

XIAOMI 80W Charger

Xiaomi is also presenting future fast charging solutions on its stand. Among them is a wired function at 200 W (100% in 8 min). the manufacturer is also working on a 120 W wireless function (100% in 15 minutes) and should soon offer its 80 W wireless charge. Well almost, because this function will initially be limited to 50 W.

XIAOMI charging

More original, the manufacturer continues to work on Mi Air, a much slower solution (limited to 5 W) but very comfortable in terms of ergonomics. This system is based on a system of mini antennas and high frequency waves, therefore completely wireless. This would allow you to charge your smartphone (or even several terminals) keeping it in your pocket. Not sure that this system delights the robins of the roofs!

Honor promises 100 W wireless from April

HONOR Magic4 100W Wireless Charging

Honor took advantage of MWC 2022 to present its latest Magic 4 smartphones that are on board 100W wired charging, but also 100 W wireless charging, a first in the smartphone world. It would recover 50% battery in 15 minutes. A small feat to be confirmed during the launch in France, in April or next May. Hoping that this load is not also limited to 50 W as at Xiaomi.

Dalme announces its load at 150 W


The manufacturer’s new GT 2s are limited to a 65 W charge, but its next smartphone, the GT Neo 3, will benefit froma 150 W function called UltraDart, or the possibility of recovering 50% of the battery in 5 minutes! The manufacturer promises safe technology that will not heat up the smartphone. To be checked when this new GT Neo arrives.

Difficult to elect a winner, insofar as the capacity of the battery will necessarily have an impact on the charging time. However, we are impatiently awaiting the 150 W fast charge from Oppo (15 min) and the 100 W wireless one from Honor (15 min also for 50%) which could very soon push the limits.

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