How does ChatGPT work and how does it affect Apple?

All the reports indicate that AIs are going to change the way we communicate, work and relate to the world around us, since we are going to have a lot of information in a matter of seconds and of high quality, but Do we know how AIs like GPT Chat function and how it affects the Apple ecosystem?

How does AI affect Apple products?

Everyone has been amazed at the incredible results he has achieved Artificial Intelligences as GPT Chatwhich is capable of analyze and understand all the information about the question posed to offer an adequate response from the existing information on the internet, being able to analyze multiple sources of information and the ability to reformulate questions. This Artificial Intelligence has generated a great earthquake among many users, because you access personal information for information about to answer the questions you have with the user. Therefore, this great technological revolution violates one of Apple’s principles: the privacy and security of people.

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This may have been the reason why Apple has not yet launched its own artificial intelligence, but this is not the case, since Apple CEO Tim Cook has remarked that the Apple’s own AI They are already in development and that some of them are incorporated into the Apple Watch and iPhone 14, such as the electrocardiogram or the recent addition of audiobooks narrated by AI.

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Within the Apple organization chart, john giannandrea has stated that Apple is constantly working on improving the AIs in its laboratories, however, this technology needs datawhich can be taken from any source, violating one of Apple’s principles: the privacy and the security of the users. This is set in stone, and for this reason, Apple is developing its AIs in a different way than those obtained from the aforementioned companies.

Due to Apple’s privacy and security policy, the data that your AIs can collect is very limited whose direct consequence is limitation of the amount of information that Apple has so that its artificial intelligences are capable of obtaining the results that other companies like Amazon or Microsoft have. The limitation of data and security means that the information that can be accessed is low, so it can be difficult for Apple’s AIs process and learn effectively.

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Users of the bitten apple can rest assured that Apple is not going to change its policy regarding the data protection of its usersbut he is going to carry out his own line of design.

To do this, Apple has adopted federated learning techniques, which allow AIs to learn collaboratively without understanding the privacy of their users. This means that the AI ​​can learn from different devices without having to access user data.

Apple has also taken issue in the synthetic data generation for its AIs, being data that is artificially generated and access to information from third parties. Finally, Apple has opted for a local processing of data, that is, that its AI runs on the users’ own devices, guaranteeing security and avoiding sharing information with remote servers.

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