Manual with all the spheres of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE

Do you know that there is a manual in which you can see the functions of each of the spheres of your Apple Watch? Well, although it may seem simple, the Cupertino company has a dedicated space on its official website in which it shows each and every one of the details of the different spheres that we have available on the smart watch.

It is a long list of available options that also offer the possibility of changing according to the operating system we use, We have available all the information of the spheres from the version of watchOS 6 to the most current, watchOS 8.

All this on Apple’s own website

Information on the different spheres available is right here on the Apple website. This information offers the possibility of knowing in more detail all the functions offered by the different spheres that we have available. Remember that we can manage its use directly from the watch itself or from the iPhone.

In addition to the application information itself, we have to take into account that the complications that we can add and customize to our liking. Also now with Apple’s RED campaign, the firm allows the download of exclusive red spheres. The truth is that these spheres are the same that we already have but exclusive with the campaign and we can download them totally free for any model, it does not have to be an Apple Watch PRODUCT (RED).

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