The recent Apple Store in NY is the first to have a permanent collection area

The new Apple Store in NY has a permanent product collection area

A few days ago, Apple opened a new Apple Store in New York, in the Bronx. It is the first store to open in that area of ​​the city that never sleeps but also has another peculiarity that we assume will be extended to the following stores that are scattered around the world. It is the first Apple Store to have a permanent product collection area.

Designer, writer, and Apple Store specialist Michael Steeber, @MichaelSteeber on Twitter, He shows us what the store is like inside on a guided tour and 360º on top. In addition to being able to get a little closer to how the store is inside, we know that it is the first in the world to have a permanent product collection area. Until now, when a user ordered a product in an Apple Store, he had to wait until an employee brought him what he had requested. Now it won’t be like that at least for now at Apple The Mall at Bay Plaza.

Pickup Zone, this is how they have designated this particular area, it is a permanent facility within the store, featuring a dedicated table where customers can get their new gadgets from employees and more interestingly a wall of drawers built-in where all orders are stored.

Drawers where orders are stored in Apple Store in NY

As this section is permanent, we understand that this new way of collecting orders it will be extended to other Apple Stores. Little by little, we understand that it will also be effective in the other stores.

The store also has an area with round tables for training and a series of exhibits. There are leather seats along the walls for those waiting for appointments at the Genius Bar, and the front of the store is outfitted with sliding glass doors.

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