How long does Apple take to change an iPhone battery?

If you have to go to Apple to change the battery of your iPhone, it is likely that you will be very interested to know how long it will take to do it. If it is also the first time that you go to make a replacement like this, it is more normal that you have doubts. Well, there is no exact time, although we can give you an average depending on the different situations that may arise.

Factors that determine how long it will take

You should know that it won’t matter which iPhone you have as long as Apple still has parts for it and it’s not discontinued. As it will also matter if the repair is covered by the warranty or if you are going to pay for it, since the procedure is the same. That said, let’s see what different situations you can find yourself.

First of all, make sure you have an appointment

Having requested an appointment with Apple’s technical service for this task is essential if you want to speed up the times. As a general rule, unless it is a really justified emergency, the Apple Store will not accept your repair if you go without an appointment. So try to schedule a day in advance to avoid problems.

If they have pieces it could be on the same day

This is the most common situation that is usually given, so it is probably the one that you are most interested in knowing. As a general rule, the time that elapses from when you leave your iPhone with the specialists and until you pick it up is 2-3 hours. They will inform you of it at the moment in any case and when it is ready you will receive a message and / or email to pick it up.

If the appointment is at the last minute

If you have gone to the appointment when there are a few hours or minutes until the closing of the store, it is likely that it will be your turn come back the next day to pick it up. The time it takes for the specialists to make the change and do the function test usually takes the 2-3 hours previously mentioned, so if it is too late there will not be time for them to do so.

What if they don’t have stock?

Although it is not usual, it may happen that the store does not have spare parts to change the battery. At this point, the times may be from 1 to 7 days. Sometimes even longer, but extremely exceptionally because on rare occasions it has taken more than a week. We insist that the fact that they do not have stock is already strange in itself, but if necessary, you will be informed when they have the part so that you can go to the repair.

Battery iPhone SE 2

What if the repair is at home?

Apple offers the ability to repair “from home.” That is, that a courier service is responsible for picking up your iPhone and taking it to technical service. The time it takes to repair it as such is the same as if you go to the store, but you must add the extra time it takes for the device to arrive at Apple and then to be returned. Therefore the minimum time would be 48 hours, taking up to 7 days maximum in situations in which holidays are mixed or your territory has complications for transport.

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