Let the regular maintenance tasks remind you of Directive for Mac

There are certain actions in our lives that are routine but that sometimes cost us to know when the dates are due. For example, we are talking about the annual review of the car, although it is already in charge of letting us know, but if you do not have that option you can pull this program for macOS that is also valid for iOS. So you will always have the notices ready and at hand. Directive helps you manage those boring tasks that we often don’t do out of laziness.

There are tasks that we have to do periodically but between one date and another, they spend a lot of time. Sometimes we forget to do it and sometimes we get so lazy that we always leave it to the last minute and end up not doing it because it finally passes us. But with Directive that is no longer going to happen to us. Let’s let our Mac (or iPhone or iPad) help us with these tasks.

It is designed to help us keep up with routine maintenance to avoid costly emergency repairs. Directive helps with maintenance of three main ways:

  1. Makes maintenance easy to remember
  2. Includes dozens of templates to help you set up the maintenance tasks we want to complete.
  3. Send notifications when it is time to complete routine maintenance.

Directive also allows us store details in the app as filter sizes or the type of oil your car uses, etc. Thus, when the time comes, we will know everything we need at the precise moment. With a couple of taps it allows us to register a task as completed, and the program will keep a record of it, along with the notes it saved, and then it will set a reminder for the next time it is due.

Sew and sing.

Directive is free for iPhone, iPad and Mac. With this we can keep track of 10 different tasks. Tracking more than 10 requires updating to Directive Pro. It is a subscription that is automatically renewed at a low annual cost.

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