How to file a voluntary resignation at work

According to a survey published by Simple Logic in August 2022, one in four Spaniards wants to change jobs or take a break from work. 8.2% have changed their profession in the last year and 14% have changed companies citing financial or personal reasons. It is true that there are many tips on the Internet on how to do a job interview, but very few on how to gracefully leave a company.

For all this, Walters People has presented a series of basic recommendations for professionals who want to resign their position citing a career break or who have found a better project in a different company. The person in charge of preparing this study is Jesús Maldonado, senior manager of the entity.

The image that is transmitted to the company it begins the moment we apply for a job offer and ends the moment we leave the institution. That is why it is essential to be aware of How is the resignation communicated?since the relationship with the organization and future references to our work that may occur will depend on it.

Aspects to consider

Before giving up a job to go to another company or as a work break, the first thing to do is examine the agreement and contract, seeing what is the mandatory period of notice against a voluntary withdrawal. In this way, we can notify the new company of the approximate date on which our incorporation could take place. In the case of going to a competitive company, you will have to make sure not to break the contract by accepting the position.

At all times you have to show full positivity when communicating the news. It is true that a certain degree of guilt arises, says Maldonado, since the feeling arises that you are betraying your colleagues and the entity that has offered you professional development. That is why it is recommended to change the chip and think only about all the positive things we take with us.

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also arises a feeling of fear of the unknown. Despite changing to a notable job improvement, both for prestige and conditions, it means leaving the comfort zone and that generates a natural uncertainty that must be fought with a positive mentality to change.

Another aspect to take into account, once the departure date has been confirmed, is to request references from the person in charge of human resources. It can be a letter of recommendation or a positive comment through LinkedIN, since more and more companies are taking these aspects into account when hiring someone.

It is recommended to request them when reviewing the positive contributions that have been made to the entity. Despite leaving the company, it is important to maintain the network of contacts with colleagues and managers of the organization for future references and even selection processes.

Those who change jobs the most

25% of the population plans to change jobs, being the ones who show this interest the most the administrative employees and qualified workers. 31% say they are interested in changing companies, while this rate drops to 22% and 20% in the case of the self-employed and qualified liberal professionals, respectively.

The differentiation by age groups is also significant. The most restless minds, people between the ages of 18 and 34, are the ones who most want a professional change, since 38% said they needed to change jobs, with 41.9% responding that they saw it as necessary the next anus.

In the case of people between 35 and 44 years of age, the rate is reduced to 26% by seeking greater job stability at that age. The percentage is even lower for those over 45, who express 15% that they want to change jobs, but only 18.3% intend to do so.

The two reasons why young people are most eager to change jobs is the existence of numerous temporary contracts in the Euro zone and the overqualification they have for the position they hold.

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