How to improve the security of your Mac to protect yourself from threats

How to protect your Mac from threats

As much as Apple insists that Macs are the most secure computers that exist, they are not exempt from receiving external attacks from viruses and malware. Yes, it is true and undeniable that they are much more difficult to be attacked than Windows or Linux-based computers, but the danger is there.

The proof of this is that every two times three, our Macs receive regular updates to macOS, and many of them without bringing new features, but simply to correct «security bugs«. Some errors that while the company detects them and sends us the corresponding update, we are exposed to being attacked there. So having an antivirus installed on our Mac never hurts.

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about the malware that haunts Macs. In it he explained that compared to the malware that runs around the network that attacks computers based on Windowsthe number of different malicious codes attacking Macs is ridiculous.

But there are. Until the month of April, so far this year, 34 million different types of malware had been detected that attack Windows and Android-based devices, compared to only 2,000 detected that exclusively attack Macs.

You might think that 2,000 different malicious codes detected in four months is very few. But that means they are 6,000 a year. And only if you get infected with one, you already have the problem at home. Well, rather, on your Mac. So to avoid that, it never hurts to install an antivirus on your Mac.

Do not trust free antivirus

In the market you have a few antiviruses for macOS that are free, and they work quite well. But be careful: no one gives hard to four pesetas. A developer who wants to keep their antivirus up to date needs to be constantly monitoring and controlling all the new variants of attacks that are emerging all over the planet, and that is worth money.

A money that must be obtained somehow. Without going any further, we all remember the news that emerged a couple of years ago about a well-known free antivirus…

So if you want to be calm and have your Mac protected against possible virus and malware attacks, you need to scratch your pocket and install a good paid antivirus. And one of the best options is, without a doubt, Bitdefender’s antivirus for Mac.

Absolute protection on Mac with Bitdefender

Bitdefender offers you the best Mac protection against its competitors.

Bitdefender Antivirus offers a real-time protection against viruses and ransomware. It offers the blocking and removal of adware hidden in some programs that are not in the Apple App Store and that can introduce this type of malicious code into your Mac.

Also, Bitdefender Antivirus includes a VPN for faster and more secure browsing when accessed through public networks for the best protection against outside attacks. Now, Bitdefender has a 50% discount, so you can get it with a price of 19.99 Euros per year.

And to complement your antivirus with a password protection system, the same developer offers you its software password manager Bitdefender Password Manager, for only 1.67 Euros per month. So you can have all your passwords on your different devices in a safe place. Without a doubt, a complete security pack that you should take into account, and that you can try for 30 days for free.

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