How to make money on Decentraland? The most notorious cases

trade land

decentraland land

One of the easiest ways to make money on Decentraland is invest money in plots (LAND) and sell them later to other users earning a small commission.

We are not talking about speculating for speculating. You can do this process without coming across as a complete loan shark. Suppose you spot an area where interesting buildings are being built. In that case, it is not a bad idea to buy a few pieces of land and wait to see what happens. If that area ends up becoming district, your own neighbors will want to contact you to sell them your LAND. The idea is that you buy adjacent land. In this way, your offer will be much more interesting than those of the competition.

At the moment, Decentraland has 90,000 LANDs that function as NFTs. Therefore, it is to be expected that the price of the plots will rise over time. The sales record to date is in $2.43 million.

Create and sell assets

There is a huge list of wearables in Decentraland, and you too can customize your avatar with your own creations. Part of the appeal of Decentraland is that any user with knowledge of 3D modeling can upload their files to the network and sell them on the market.

If you have talent with programs like Cinema 4D or 3D Max, don’t even think about it. Replicate famous products – watch out for copyright – or create your own brand if you also have marketing knowledge. In fact, more and more famous brands are joining the Decentraland metaverse to virtually sell their products. Without going any further, in November 2021 the first Metaverse Fashion Weekwith brands from the likes of DKNY and Dolce and Gabbana.

Games play-to-earn

first steps decentraland

Although not the most brilliant way to get crypto on Decentraland, their games are also an alternative to making MANA. Decentraland users can usually also create their own Minigamesand you can participate to earn NFTs or unique items. If you sell them, you will make a profit.

As usual in this type of games play-to-earn, you have to invest enough money before playing. Our recommendation is that you take a look at the games watching other players and decide whether or not you deserve to participate.

Work at Decentraland as a Self-Employed

The good thing about being self-employed at Decentraland is that you don’t have to pay a fee or do the quarterly to give 21% of your profits to Vitalik Buterin.

Decentraland is packed with businesses created by other users, so you can contact them and do a job for a fee. Obviously, you can also start your own business, although you may need some advanced knowledge if you think very big. Decentraland has its own Discord. If you join, you can go to #hiring channel to see all kinds of job offers.

Work for Decentral Games

decentraland casino

Did you know that Decentral Games is hiring people to do real jobs within the metaverse? For example, you can work as a master of ceremonies in a online casino and charge a flat monthly fee in MANA (equivalent to about $200 per month). In this case, the job requires you to interact with other players, run poker games and organize events.

Once you gain experience and prove yourself, you can rise to even higher positions and earn higher compensation.

Buy and sell MANA

Lastly, you can trade with own ERC-20 token of Ethereum that is used in Decentraland as currency. You will have to do it outside the game, either in an exchange or in a DeFi. If you want to invest in MANA safely, take advantage of your knowledge of Decentraland to determine the points at which to buy and when it is best to sell. Of course, this is not investment advice, just a general outline of what it would be like to invest based on fundamental information.

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