How to make smart business decisions in less time…thanks to the power of data

In an increasingly competitive business climate, many companies have realized that one of the keys they have to stay ahead of their competitors is being able to access information with high added value and preferably in real time.

However, wanting is not always power, and being “burdened” with inefficient processes or legacy technology makes it difficult for them to keep up with the pace at which data grows overwhelmingly and they create more complexity, which translates into new bottlenecks within your ICT infrastructure.

In this context, companies that want to stay competitive need all employees to have easy access to the most accurate and up-to-date data. They need to have tools that speed discovery and availability so that they can be analyzed in real time.

In this sense, we speak of a genuine integration strategy that includes stages such as the automation in its transmission, debugging, cataloging and publication and that we find in platforms such as the one that Qlik brings to companies, which includes the streaming data in real time, automation of data warehouse, creation of data lakes managed and the deployment of analytics functions at all levels.

From here, companies have everything they need to implement an approach DataOps, which allows building and improving data flows that respond to business analysis needs. In this sense, by using this methodology, companies can automate the delivery of data with an appropriate level of security, quality and metadata, improving their use and the value they extract from them in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Thus, the data is no longer just stored, managed and displayed in reports and dashboards, but rather becomes a product that defines new ways of executing processes, improving corporate operations and decision-making.

The best way to integrate your data

To show companies how data integration enables them to work smarter, Qlik offers a free on-demand webinar on “Data Integration in Qlik and Augmented Intelligence, providing an end-to-end Data Pipeline”.

Throughout it, the company shows how Qlik’s active intelligence approach provides a unique end-to-end solution that customers can leverage to ensure they have all the right data to access the best insights in real time, enabling them to make better decisions.

In addition, those interested can also download, completely free of charge, the report “Data Integration. DataOps for modern analytics, using the Qlik data integration platform for better analytics” a whitepaper in which organizations will discover how the Qlik Data integration platform automates real-time data streaming, cataloging and publishing thus accelerating business processes.

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