How to transfer your Facebook events to your Google calendar?

Facebook has just made available a tool to transfer its calendar of events to Google Calendar. Here’s how to use it.

Facebook announced new data portability options on August 9, 2021. In a blog post, the social network announces that it has ” rebuilds its transfer tool from top to bottom To make it easier for anyone who wants to recover their data.

A tool now allows you to export your Facebook events to your Google calendar to centralize your various appointments more efficiently. Here is how it works.

How to export your calendar?

  • Connect to the Facebook tool by going to the dedicated page.
  • In the framework of Step 1, choose the category Events
  • In step 2, choose the destination Google calendar then click on next
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Allow access to your calendar by checking the box displayed on the screen then click on To continue
  • Once back on Facebook click on Confirm transfer
How to export your data from Facebook to Google Calendar
How to export your data from Facebook to Google Calendar // Source: Screenshot

The tool will then start and you will just have to wait for all your events to switch from one service to another. Please be patient, it may take a few minutes.

No automatic synchronization

Your Facebook events will then synchronize in a new calendar named Facebook Event Export which you can find in the left panel on Google Calendar. Unfortunately, if you sign up for other events on Facebook afterwards, those won’t automatically sync. You will have to do it manually or restart an export.

Note that if you connect to the PC interface rather than mobile, you can specify whether you want to retrieve all your events or only those from a certain date. Events include those in which you have marked yourself as a participant or interested.

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