GTA remastering is inevitable, or so we want to believe

Remasters coming

The news comes with the publication of the financial results of the last quarter of Take-Two, where in addition to summarizing with numbers how the last three months have gone, they review with their investors what will be the next launch calendar for next year and even looking at 2023 and 2024. And that’s where the famous remasters come in.

According to the table shared in a PDF document that summarizes it, the company has planned no less than 6 remasters of its entire portfolio, of which 3 are already known, being Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced (the version of GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series), Grand Theft Auto Online as a standalone service, and Kerbal Space Program for PS5 and Xbox Series.

Take Two remasters

With those three titles confirmed, what other three remasters are there to release? That’s where some of the versions of GTA and other old acquaintances within the Take-Two catalog would come into play.

A rumor with tradition

Much has been made of GTA remasters in recent months. As GTA 6 got farther and farther away (the last clues said that until 2023 or 2024 we wouldn’t see his hair), the rumors of the remastered versions of GTA have gained quite a bit of force, and although in the Take-Two catalog There are many options to choose from beyond GTA, the latest clues invite us to think about the most hooligan option.

And it is that Take-Two recently ordered the elimination of mods for GTA that improved the games to include new graphics and more striking effects in line with the current generation of graphics. This obviously raised many suspicions, but for the moment we are still waiting to receive some kind of clue that will clarify everything definitively.

Mafia Remake

As for alternative options, the truth is that the range is quite wide. We could see remastering announcements related to the also rumored and expected Bully, a hugely successful game that has been forgotten since it was released in 2006 and of which rumors of a second installment have been heard for many years. We could even think of the release of remastered versions of the legendary Max Payne, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. We’ve already seen the Mafia get its well-deserved remastering, so we don’t see a more meaningful option than GTA at this point.

Even so, choosing GTA would make more sense for many reasons, since the public is immensely older, they are highly demanded versions, and they would serve to calm the spirits against GTA 6, so we will see which games are those that finally occupy these three Remastering spots that we have yet to resolve. Any ideas about it?

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