HP replants a burned forest

There is no doubt that HP has a special place in its strategy for sustainability. Manufacture with recycled materials, use of ink cartridges, reduction of water consumption for the manufacture of its products … all initiatives aimed at making the future of the planet and its resources compatible with the manufacture of its products. And sometimes this multinational also commits to more direct actions, sometimes even involving other people.

In this line, HP Spain took us on November 23 to the town of Castrocontrigo in the province of León to land that nine years ago suffered a fire that destroyed almost 12 thousand hectares of vegetation and trees. But it did not only lead us to see the consequences of the disaster on the ground, but to collaborate with them and their partners to do our bit by replanting part of that ashes of trees within the “Recover your Forest” program.

Almost 100 people got together with the intention of getting our hands dirty to collaborate in the reforestation of almost 40,000 square meters with the help and tutelage of the Green Areas association that showed us step by step how to plant the tiny trees so that they could grow in the best possible way. possible way. HP also provided us with labels (made of recycled paper) with which we were able to dedicate each tree we planted.

In addition to the group of willing journalists, employees and partners of the multinational also challenged the cold from León. So much was the enthusiasm of the entire group that those responsible for the Green Areas association had no choice but to prepare more ground than they had initially planned for replanting. An enthusiasm turned into satisfaction and the hope that within a few years the trees will again provide shade in that area of ​​Castrocontrigo.

HP replants a burned forest 34

HP’s goal with this and future initiatives is to “give back to the forest more than what we use”, a global initiative called “Forest Positive” that seeks to commit to the protection and reforestation of forests, a closely linked part of our planet to the printing business that is so important to HP. This initiative is based on five main points: maintaining current sustainability commitments, leaning on science, restoring and protecting forests, raising awareness among customers and industry and continuing with the “Print Smart” initiative to reduce paper waste.

According Helena Herrero, president of the Southern Europe region of HP. “This action that we have carried out in León is one more example of the path that we want to travel and in which there is room for all those who want to make a difference and embark on the challenge of caring for and protecting our planet.” For our part, we expect to see many more initiatives like this from HP and also from the rest of the technology industry. And of course if these initiatives require our collaboration we will be there (no matter how cold it is …)

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