humming a song to find its title will soon be a reality

Humming a song to find its title has been available for quite some time on some music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer. On YouTube, this kind of tool is still waiting. But Google may soon fix the problem.

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Humming a song to find its title, this is a feature appreciated by users that has been found for a few years now on many services and applications. Of course, Shazam pioneered this. Google followed in 2020 by allowing the Google Assistant to recognize a title based on your “humming” skills. This option has also entered Spotify or Deezer since 2022.

On the other hand, humming a song to find its title is still not possible on YouTube. And good news, Google is preparing to remedy the problem. Indeed, the Mountain View firm has just updated the page of its assistance dedicated to the various experiments in progress on YouTube. Thus, the web giant Currently testing the ability to search for a song on YouTube by humming it.

Humming a song to find its title, soon a reality on YouTube

But that’s not all because Google is also working on a Shazam-inspired feature. If you know the application, the idea is the same: record a nearby title for a few seconds to identify it. As the company explains, this new feature can be found directly in YouTube’s voice search. By pressing a dedicated button, users will be able to either hum or record a song for at least three seconds.

Once the analysis is complete, users will be redirected to a relevant continent on YouTube, such as an official clip, a user-uploaded video or a Short. As usual with this kind of experimentation, the search and save functions are currently only accessibleto a “small percentage” of users on the Android version of YouTube. In other words, don’t worry if you don’t have access yet.

As a reminder, Google recently announced something new coming to YouTube Music. Indeed the application will soon inherit one of the best features of TikTok. Baptized Samplesit will present itself as a vertical stream of videos that will suggest new music that you may like according to your preferences.

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