I have a PC without Internet, what do I do to make the most of it?

It is no longer just about our desktop, laptop, or mobile device, but there are many other products that today have their own internet connection. We could say that the online world has become essential for most users.

Perhaps only a few years ago this might seem unthinkable, but the truth is that at the moment the Internet offers us all kinds of uses to make the most of the PC. However, it must be borne in mind that not everyone has an internet connection, or at least one that they can use on a regular basis. With this, what we want to tell you is that, apart from this, even in the middle of 2021 we can take great advantage of our computer even if it has no connection.

At times it may appear that a offline computer It is already practically useless, when in reality it is not like that, far from it. It is true that we will not be able to move through the usual news web pages, or visit our social networks. We will not be able to watch streaming videos or download photos, but the world of technology goes much further.

Younger people should bear in mind that only a few years ago most computers had no connection whatsoever and provided an enormous service. This is something that can be extended to current times. This is precisely what we will talk about next. Specifically, some of the most common uses that we can make of a computer without an internet connection.

Carry out all kinds of office and design work

In the event that we use our computer to work, it is true that we will not be able to share documents in Google Docs, but use local office software. applications such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint, among many. This will allow us to continue working locally with our PC from home, even if it is not connected to the internet. That’s not all, but we can also edit photos, videos, or carry out all kinds of design-related work.

One of the great handicaps that we are going to find here is when it comes to obtaining content for these tasks. But precisely for all this we have external hard drives or USB sticks to get these files that we need. Leaving this aside since we will have to forget about the browser, at first we will be able to work as if we were connected.

Avoid internet distractions and more

It goes without saying at this point that the Internet is an almost infinite source of knowledge and content, but this is something that also reaches the leisure sector. That is why when we are working with our computer, this connection can become a problem rather than an advantage. Therefore, having a computer that does not have a connection in certain circumstances can help us to increase our productivity.

We tell you all this because one of the advantages that we find here is that we will put aside the distractions that the internet causes us. That does not mean that when we have finished the work, we can still play with the latest titles locally, or see our movies and series directly from the disk drive or from an external storage device.

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