With this trick you can put the icon you want to a flash drive or hard drive

Surely many of you already know first-hand that we are talking about small-sized devices that we can always carry in our pockets with impressive capabilities. Hence precisely its success and comfort. In fact, sometimes we can find that a computer has several of these USB memories connected simultaneously.

This means that it can occur in the event that we want to personalize ours and distinguish it from the rest to locate it more quickly, for example. For this reason, we are going to show you how to customize the icon that you want to establish as an identifier for your USB flash drive or external hard drive. This is something that we can do quickly and easily, as we will see later.

This is something that we are going to achieve through a series of files that you have surely seen on many occasions. Specifically, we refer to the autorun.inf that the system uses for these purposes and that we can create manually. Many times these files are created automatically when we introduce a CD or DVD in the team. Now we are going to use them to customize the icon of our USB storage device.

Of course, we can find some Windows-based computers that for security reasons have disabled the option to run autorun files from external drives. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that in such cases this trick will not work.

Create an autorun file by hand

The first thing we are going to do is create a file with these characteristics that we are talking about, for example, using the plain text editor included in windows. We are talking about the well-known Notepad that we open to enter the following text.


Once we have generated it, all we have to do is save it with the name mentioned above, that is, autorun.inf. Obviously we will have to store it in the corresponding USB memory with which we are dealing. This is something we do in a simple way through the option of File / Save As menu. At this point it is important that we assign the exact name mentioned above so that the operating system can recognize it.

usb pad

In the case at hand, we will also have to have an icon that we save together with this file on the USB device and that we rename with the name specified in the file. We can use any other, but in this case it must be called USB.ico so that the file created can be automatically recognize.

At the same time, we must take into account that the label=”NAME” line corresponds to the nomenclature that we want to assign to this unit by default. In this way we can customize both the icon and the name that will be used by default each time we connect that USB flash drive to a computer that allows reading these files. We can add this last line to the file created optionally, it is not mandatory for the location of the icon.

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