I have tried an eSIM and this has happened; Is it really the future of mobile networks?

Although in Europe it is something that is spreading more now, the truth is that eSIMs have been an option in countries like the United States for years. An alternative to physical mobile cards, those of a lifetime (in their different formats) to be able to call, send SMS or have Internet. I have tried one for the first time eSIM and been able to see, in first person, how it works. I am going to tell my experience, the positive points that I see and talk about whether it really is something that will be much more widespread in the future.

They are also known as programmed cards. Basically, they are software that allows the device to connect to a network, taking into account certain characteristics to connect to the account you have. It acts the same as a physical card, although you won’t have anything you can touch on your mobile; goes all at the software level.

Experience using an eSIM

I have tried an eSIM on my mobile phone for the first time and I can say that I have not noticed any difference, in day-to-day use, compared to a physical card. Stable and totally normal Internet connection, coverage the same as always, etc. In that sense, we can’t really notice no difference.

The clear difference is the way in which we began to use these types of cards. When it comes to a physics, it is necessary to open the mobile and put it on. From there, we can custom the, connect to the corresponding network, etc. In the case of an eSIM, you will simply have to scan a QR code, go to a link sent to you by email, or enter the corresponding parameters manually. Once this is done, it’s all the same.

Advantages of an eSIM? The first, that you do not need to have a physical card. Everything is much faster. You can buy a card online and have it in the mail, ready to use, in a matter of seconds. For example, when traveling abroad, it is very useful to have a connection as soon as you arrive, without having to go to a physical store.

Also a clear advantage is the power have several cards. A compatible phone can have multiple eSIM cards configured with no problem. You could even have physical cards too. In case you only have one card slot and need a second one, you won’t have to remove the one you already have.

Not everything is positive, since something that you should still keep in mind is that not all phones are supported. It is necessary that you have a mobile compatible with eSIM, since otherwise you would not be able to use this technology. We must also mention the fact that, at least many companies, only allow that eSIM to be used in a certain terminal. For example, you could not buy an eSIM to travel to a certain country and exchange it with another mobile.

It is the future?

In my opinion, yes. Not only on mobile phones, but also on other devices, such as Smart Watches. Being able to easily set up a connection, without having to have a physical card, is going to make eSIM cards gradually gain ground. Even more so, as more phones and other devices are compatible (something that is already happening).

In addition, we live in a time in which the immediacy it is very present. Being able to subscribe to an online platform in a matter of minutes, create a bank account without leaving home quickly or make an online purchase and have it at home in 1 or 2 days. This will also make changing mobile operators easier and faster, as well as cheaper by not having to pay shipping costs for a physical card.

Therefore, my experience using an eSIM card has been positive. No difference in terms of functionality, although it is much faster in the start-up process. It is clearly the future and little by little we will see more compatible devices. It is always important to detect SIM card cloning and not have problems.

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